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    Skins for the last time....

    It’s “Google my name” not “bing my name.”
  • Miami Athletics Records Record-Setting Fundraising Year

    Geez DG.. bad day at work?

    Did I ever say those student athletes don’t matter to me? Enough of the strawman arguments.

    Question for you: Do you like the state of Miami athletics right now? According to those in our athletic department, we just had a banner year.

    Of course the minor sports matter, and so do the student athletes. I attended almost every volleyball game my freshman year and went to every baseball game I could. The alumni have done a fantastic job of looking after their respective programs. Field hockey was privately funded. Baseball, privately funded. Ice hockey, privately funded.

    Fact is, football and basketball (both MBB and WBB) are the only two sports that have the ability to generate an insane amount of free marketing for Miami University. They are the only two sports that are ever trending on social media (Our head coach’s ‘idiot fan and media’ rant generated more coverage than our swim and dive team). Like I said... there are more eyes on basketball and football than any other sport....

    Maybe I’m biased.... I was a kid from NJ in 2005, with not a clue as to where Miami University was. I remember hearing about the school because of Big Ben of course, but wasn’t until Dickie V lost his shit about us not making the tournament until I actually researched it as a potential school to attend.

    Until those two sports are fixed, in my opinion, I cannot deem our athletic department as having a successful year.
  • Absolute Stunner!

    who knew Gabriel Iglesias had a mean streak?
  • WBB HC Search

    You guys are a bunch of spoiled brats. What more do you guys really want?!?

    Miami finished 1st in the MAC in esports and quidditch, and finished in the top 10 in synchronized marbles.

    What more can you really ask for???
  • 2019-20 Non-Conference Schedule

    It’s not a Miami problem, it’s a NCAA basketball problem. You won’t find a mid-major school who is hosting a single P6 game this year except Ohio U miraculously.
  • 7 schools to leave WCHA

    Why aren’t we included on that list???

    Our current situation is objectively better than that one. You don't leave the Pac 12 for the Mountain West, after all.
    Why because the conference has better hockey programs?

    Question: does conference affiliation REALLY matter in college hockey? We haven’t had any success since the move, our travel budget has to be through the roof, and we aren’t reaping any extra benefits (TV revenue).
  • 2019-20 Non-Conference Schedule

    I miss when Miami played a hard OOC schedule and even won at times. 

    And that got us:
    0 at large bids
    A bad record
    Decreased fan support
    But some great paydays
    -Got us in the conversation in 2005
    -High RPI got us in NIT in 2006
    -Prepared us for MAC play
    -Our recent OOC records have done nothing for fan support
    -Got us on National TV a few times a year which was great, especially since we never embarrassed ourselves under Coach Coles

    -We has a few great paydays, but not enough, because Chief Ruinhoop
  • 2019-20 Non-Conference Schedule

    I miss when Miami played a hard OOC schedule and even won at times. 

    And that got us:
    0 at large bids
    A bad record
    Decreased fan support
    But some great paydays

    Some years it did challenge our record but we did get an at large in 1999 and almost in 2003 with the Coles schedule being helpful

    I would also argue with the decreased fan support. Nobody has been fooled by Coopers 7-6 or Owens 8-5 last year. Attendance did fall off at the end of the Coles era but it was still way better than today.

    I think there is a happy medium. I like the MVC home and homes and the neutral tournament we have this year but 3 non d1 and it would be nice to get a “name” home game again.

    The days of mid-majors getting big name opponents at home are over IMO.
    Didn’t you just look into every single P6 non-conf schedule to prove me wrong on this claim? Haha


    I think the last time a big name opponent came to Miami was Michigan in 06-07. I believe it was a home and home, but at that point we were a highly regarded basketball program along the likes of Butler, Creighton, and Wichita State.

    The bottom line is that the gap has widened between mid-major and high-major teams in regards to the amount of money being spent. We were paid $80k to go play at Rupp Arena in 2009. Can’t imagine what the going rate is now.

    There are some mid-majors who are getting creative with their ability to lure P6 schools out to their place. I’ve read that a few schools have it written into their coaches contract that if said coach gets hired away, that his new school must make a return trip the following year.
  • Expectations for the fall

    I don’t care anymore. Been to every home game since 2000. Not this year. I will still attend some games but I dropped season tickets. What do I know,,,,,I’m a Stupid Fan.

    Really? It wasn't until last year that you decided it was the final straw?
    Besides the UC game that just about broke me as a fan, these last two seasons were the most disappointing since I was a freshman in 2006.
  • Difference Maker

    Bring back the Klacik Triple Option!!!