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  • Chuck Quit On His Team

    The fan base is super fickle for good reason.

    In the last 15 years we’ve had:
    -1 winning season
    -2 bowl appearances
    -1 bowl win
    -1 P5 win
    -3 FBS wins outside of MAC

    The slightest taste of success sends us into a complete frenzy, while the agony of defeat is so exasperatedly familiar that we resort back to total doom and gloom.

    We are the programs biggest critics when things are not going well, but also the programs biggest fans when we win.

    There is no in between for the time being. Perhaps MACC and bowl win will turn the tide for good.
  • Rutgers men's basketball

    This is great.

    A debate on why Ron Harper Jr picked Rutgers over Miami!!

    Hey kid, why are you dating Selena Gomez when you could be dating Caitlyn Jenner?
  • Chuck Moron’s OSU post game interview

    Fun fact:

    There wouldn’t be a single complaint from Chuck or fan if we had met expectations last season, or beat UC in 2017 or 2018.
  • Akron men at Miami Tuesday at 7 in Millett

    I haven’t watched a game since Louisville. Too busy with my own season. Very thankful I haven’t watched more. This was an embarrassment.

    -team yelling at each other on the floor and yelling being caught on camera/mics
    -No one interested in guarding
    -No screens being set off the ball... just because you stand still and protect yourself doesn’t mean you are setting a screen
    -Slow cuts, jogging through offense
    -No one knows their role
    -guys putting their head down and driving the ball into other guys
    -No bench energy
    -team quit
  • Fire coach o

    If the buyout is only $500k at season’s end, that’s chump change. Sorry, but that has become one of the lame excuses for lack of progress. We are stuck in a cycle of hiring the wrong coach and then not cutting our losses because the buyout is too hefty. Let’s fire Saylor if he can’t get us out of this endless nonsense.
    525k isn't chump change for an athletic department that already requires substantial subsidies. If there are donors willing to step up and fund that then maybe they could but I think that the athletic department would rather that money be directed towards the fundraising on Millett

    what fundraising?

    I know you’ve been around athletics to know what the silent phase of fundraising is. And you’ve been around basketball enough to know they just started that this year for basketball.
    You haven’t been around long enough to know that Nick and others have gotten this run around for 20 years now
  • Buffalo Tonight @7

    Our own coaches don’t care about this program other than their own personal gain.

    Why should you?
  • Miami vs. Louisiana Game Thread

    This pic says it all

    You are right. The ball is clearly in Besters arms as he is a mere centimeter away from his shoulder hitting the ground.

  • Athletic Dept. ineptitude

    Well stated, Bake. There are some people who would rather trash a house than rebuild it.
    “Hate isn’t the opposite of love. Apathy is the opposite of love.”
  • Theory on the Problem

    My sincere opinion is that the kids today are incredibly athletic, but nowhere as clever (basketball IQ wise). The entire 93 team mentioned above could read a game, had a decent playbook. In comparison, our kids today can dunk in 10 different ways, but seem to fail to understand the purpose of a basic pick and roll.

    What about rest of MAC?
    The quality of college basketball in general has gone way way down.
  • Conversation with a Hawkeye fan?

    Strengths: OL, LB, DB, Specs

    Weaknesses: WR, DL, most of the 'fans' on this board

    Question Marks: QB, RB
    Strengths: OL, LB, DB, Special Teams 

     Weakness: inexperience from top to bottom and too many 'fans' who are okay with mediocrity 

     Love and Honor. Go Hawks.  I think we surprise people this year and get to our 3rd bowl game in the last 15 years.