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  • CHN reporter hearing news that Rico's staff is out

    So now Big Ten Schools are taking NCHC coaches in hockey as well. 
    Don't know why they would take em for any other sport ;)
  • MAC bowl games

    I know I'll get spammed for this, but I'd just as soon drop football and funnel the funds toward hoops a la Xavier, Butler, Gonzaga, etc. We're a mediocre football program in a garbage conference.

    Better off dropping college hockey. The costs do not justify the means. Never have, never will.

    I disagree with both takes, but especially that hockey isn't justified. 
    I think hockey is a great thing to have on campus. The hockey games have good attendance even after 3 bad years and the atmosphere at the games is great. I don't think it's unreasonable to say that hockey has the most student support in terms of attendance and ultimately when no sport is going to turn a profit, the goal should be to provide entertainment for students and alumni.

    As food for thought: In 2017 football reported attendance of 98,666 but scanned just 35,582 tickets. Hockey reported attendance of 44,874. Without the need to manipulate the numbers to reach 15k, it's likely the number of tickets scanned versus reported for hockey is a lot closer and that total attendance for hockey is very near or even greater than total attendance for football.

    Finally I would like to add my bad take to the thread: We should drop football plus some other sports and drop down to DII in every sport except for hockey so that we can invest wholeheartedly into making ourselves a powerhouse and the NCHC the Big East of college hockey. /s
  • Wayne Embry Day - 2/9/19 vs. Ohio

    He was a Redskin back when it was fashionable....them came the RedHawks....then the Red & White.

    I shudder to think what's next.
    The Red and White was one of the original names used prior to the Redskins so I believe your timeline is incorrect.
  • Stuff the Ballot Box

  • Beating a Dead Horse - Basketball vs. Hockey vs. Football

    Not to be the bad guy (nor belittle the importance of equal opportunities), but I should point this out since it hasn't been mentioned yet.  

    Because of Title IX, there has to be an equal spending on male and female sports.  (no matter how much of the costs are offset by revenue or endowments, by my understanding).  The problem with costs of football generally isn't the football  programs costs, as (Miami less so than other universities) they generally have a high revenue to make up for the high costs.  However, the female counterpart spending generally has a much lower level of revenue generation. Add in a million for hockey, a million for basketball, even if those sports are break-even on their own, just having them costs the university nearly $2 million.  Add in football, and you're in the red for $4 million.  

    I think this is one of the reasons people say we need to drop one.  If you drop hockey (not suggesting that in the least, I love hockey) you save $2 million total, not just the $1 million from the hockey program. (Though as stated in the OP, the team potentially makes $1 million, so the net loss reduction would be $1 million).  

    Q. Does Title IX require that equal dollars be spent on men and women's sports?

    No. The only provision that requires that the same dollars be spent proportional to participation is scholarships. Otherwise, male and female student-athletes must receive equitable "treatment" and "benefits."
  • CHN reporter hearing news that Rico's staff is out

    Sherwood gets the OT GWG in his first game with the San Diego Gulls (Anaheim AHL affiliate): https://twitter.com/SDGullsAHL/status/977750765983813633

    Tough losing him a year early but a good start for him.
  • Is our record book on line anywhere?

    There are physical copies on campus in the library apparently: http://archivesspace.lib.miamioh.edu/repositories/2/archival_objects/11267

    I doubt that they've been digitized and uploaded anywhere.
  • North America Hockey Attendance

    Unrelated to Miami, for a country so good in hockey, it is astonishing how bad the CIS attendance is in Canada. I don't know a lot about the country, but I thought hockey was their no 1 sport
    It's more that their version of college sports is very different than the US. There's a much smaller focus on it, especially in hockey where the good players are playing major juniors.
  • Hate, Intolerance, and Bigotry On Campus

    There might be students who cheat on their English test but there is also a program designed for students whose English test scores are not quite high enough for admission where they take English and American culture classes their first semester.

    More generally, and this isn't unique to Chinese students or an American setting, but when someone is foreign to a place they want to stick to things that are familiar. No different then if you've ever been on vacation and met someone from where you are from. You automatically have a connection because of a similar background. Add in language skills that might be good enough for school but they don't quite have the lexicon for casual conversation or aren't comfortable speaking English and it's clear why foreign students would stick together.

    It certainly doesn't make them bad people and I feel like most people would behave similar in those conditions, but it is a conundrum facing not just Miami but a lot of large universities across the country.