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  • which is worse?

    Idiot fans for sure. The only thing I admire about CM is his ability to never get fired, even after calling fans idiots and never apologize after that
  • The Crawfords

    Renate came all the day to where I was sitting with my family to give a MU cookie to my daughter. Talking about class and graciousness 
  • St Thomas is too good, gets kicked out of MIAC

    Fun thread I saw on Twitter: if you could kick anyone out of the MAC, who would you pick?
    But if the question is about a single person, undoubtedly Chuck Martin
  • Miami women at Toledo at 7:00 Wednesday on ESPN+

    Coach Duffy is making $160,531 a year at MU. To the MU athletics people who read this: FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE, RAISE HER SALARY. We cannot afford losing her
  • Attendance High

    I mentioned this in other threads. What happened was that the Crawfords paid the tickets for all the staff, students, and townies. The box office people were actually surprised when I told them that I wanted to buy a ticket. Great initiative anyway ...
  • Amber Alert Issued For Mekhi Lairy (nm)

    Well, I know he is a "cheap" player since he is from Ohio (in-state tuition), but couldn't we get a more talented player? 
  • Amber Alert Issued For Mekhi Lairy (nm)

    A better question might be why is he on a scholarship? Other than his height, I fail to see the potential here - very raw skills. 
  • Megan Duffy to Marquette

    I am curious: knowing that Megan would likely leave soon, shouldn't Miami have offered her a better contract with a much higher buyout? Like what Buffalo did? I tend to agree with what someone mentioned before: basketball seems to be less and less of a priority at MU. We could even have some sort of "pay for one, take two" buyout clause and send Chuck Martin away with her :D
  • Amber Alert Issued For Mekhi Lairy (nm)

    You either misread my post or you're being willfully obtuse. I specifically said that the university needs to cover the cost of the resources required for those students to attend tuition-free. The costs of professors, facilities, student resources, etc. don't magically go up just because a student isn't from Ohio. The cost to the university is exactly the same whether all 13 players are in-state or all 13 players are out-of-state. So again, if you're paying extra to cover the "extra cost" of an "out-of-state athletic scholarship" you're getting scammed.
    Let's look at your post: "The university sets aside a certain number of scholarships for the athletic department." Yes, and it has to pay for it.

    "There's no difference in the cost of providing those resources to students based on where they're from". Now, this is plainly wrong. 

    OK, let me break it down to a language that even you can understand.

    Miami (or any other university) cannot simply say "hey, this 33K bill regarding an out-of-state athlete will simply disappear". Someone has to pay the bill. What does Miami do? For example, it asks money from donors, charge students fees, etc., to pay the 33K bill. That bill would be 17K if the student was from Ohio. Now, Miami cannot get enough external money to pay all the bills. What does it do? It pays itself. It moves money from, hypothetically speaking, say "money-from-donors account" to "money-from-tuition account". Now, Miami has tons of constraints on how it can spend money from the "money-from-tuition account", whereas the "money-from-donors account" has more flexibility. So, what is the advantage of Ohio students? A lower bill that (hopefully one day) does not need internal money, and can be paid fully paid by others.

    Is that clear enough?
  • Amber Alert Issued For Mekhi Lairy (nm)

    "Well, I know he is a "cheap" player since he is from Ohio (in-state tuition), but couldn't we get a more talented player?"

    The answer is "no". That should tell you something about this staff.

    Both these comments belong on the hawktalk list of incredibly stupid statements.

    And why would that be the case? McNamara is from Ohio, which means his tuition is half of what, for example, Sibande pays? Now, tell me genius: what is wrong with this?

    1. The athletic department doesn't care if a scholarship is in state or out of state. It doesn't impact it at all. The fact that needs to be said to someone who follows college athletics is frightening.

    2. Big men tend to not contribute until they're upperclassmen. McNamara showed a lot of things you don't see out of MAC bigs. He's athletic, he passes well, he can move laterally on defense, and he limits turnovers. Prior-to-college stats say he has range, which will come as he grows and adjusts.

    Are you really saying that out-of-state players play in-state tuition? You cannot be that stupid, can you? I for one fund an out-of-state scholarship you moron (member of Forever and a Day Society). Gosh, here is a link for you:https://www.givetomiamioh.org/s/916/16/interior-wide-flah.aspx?sid=916&gid=1&pgid=6173  Stop pretending to be a genius, and try to actually support this program.