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  • MACTION Thanksgivng Week....Division champions to be determined

    CMU will and now Buffalo May be bowl eligible...we beat both but lost to the likes of BG and Kent. It’s still like having a nightmare you can’t wake up from....
    BG, Kent, and UC won a combined 5 FBS games. Three came at our expense, one was a head-to-head (BG beat Kent), and the other was a UC 1-point win at Tulane. That hurts.
  • This opener was a big showing

    I'm just going to throw this out there- it's all about the uniforms. Clearly.
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  • Women's BB Gets It!

    I'm kind of just opperating under the assumption that we won't have a basketball team this season. If one shows up, great!
  • Miami at Central Michigan

    I just tried to high-5 my daughter, but then remembered she's only 6 months and had no idea what I was doing.
  • Miami at Western Michigan men 2:00 Saturday

    We lose to the worst team in the conference, playing their 2nd game in 3 days, 3rd in 5 days. I swear, it's one step forward, two back with this team.
  • 21 students hospitalized for alcohol consumption between Thursday night and Sunday morning

    I am not going to get on a pulpit and preach. They are college students. College students drink. They do drugs. Do I encourage that? No. But I am not going to get preachy about it. I did a lot of drinking. Hell, I barely remember my sophomore year!! That was my first year living in my fraternity. But I learned and the drinking tapered off. Sometimes you have to learn lessons the hard way. I will be 52 next month. I have a 12 year old daughter. I have told her about what happens when you drink and do drugs. I have also told her yes, I drank in college. My job is to offer advice but ultimately when she goes away to college I won't be there. She will have to make her own choices. Some I am sure I won't like and will tell her that. But part of going to college is growing up and learning to make decisions.
    And another piece of the puzzle falls into place. ;)
  • South Carolina St.

    Sounds like a trap game. Hope not.
    They're the 4th worst team in all of D1. They have ZERO D1 wins. Last time they beat us I was so ticked I emailed Saylor and asked for a refund (he gave me 4 free hockey tickets). If we lose to them Thursday, I might ask for him to pay for a PhD for me.

    Knowing our basketball program, they'll probably get poached when Cooper gets fired after the season.

    If we have a respectable record, does he even get canned? I don't see any donors banging on DS's door to fire him....
    We won't have a respectable record, so never fear.
  • Wilberforce at Miami 2:00 Saturday

    Moll has already determined he is right. Let's just move on before he breaks out his conference tiers and then creates some for non-D1 schools.
  • The Crawfords

    President Crawford and Renate are fantastic in their support of Miami sports. Cheering at the game, interacting with fans, passing out Miami swag. I always thought no one could match Phil Shriver as a Miami fan in that position, but they are certainly holding up His standard.
    Phil Shriver? Was he named after that center?