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    imageThought I would live up to my username for once. 
  • Detroit bound?

    Let’s not count our chickens before they hatch

    If these chickens don't hatch, then what's the point? I know anything can happen, but if we can't beat a couple of disaster teams in the next two weeks, then we don't deserve to be FBS.

    Wtf? Don’t deserve to be in FBS?? Cmon man
    Toledo lost to BG? kick them off the tour!!!!
  • Fire Chuck Martin

    Petition to have this thread deleted from the site if Chuck wins a championship in this year or next. 
  • Sense of purpose.....

    I am probably one of the youngest people on MHT.  I graduated in 2018.  I came here long after I had been a fan, and I mostly come here because it is pretty much the only spot on the internet where I can talk with other people in depth about Miami sports.
  • I caught a glimpse of Sloman walking out of Peden last night.....

  • New Basketball Floor

    At least our Ohio state institution no longer has the state of Tennessee on our basketball court.

    Arguably the dumbest thing that our braintrust has approved and that says a lot.
    Second only to allowing our head football coach to manage the calling of timeouts.
  • Gameday Experience

    1) Gameday ops.  There is SO much dead time making Millett Hall SO quiet too many times during the game.  There needs to be a better flow.  Some places will coordinate with the band via headphones to give them a countdown to start to play and then when the band isn't playing there is piped in music, or something playing on the video board and the transition is somewhat seemless.  Last night, the band would play, then there would be big chunks of quiet.  With Millett Hall 95% empty, the silence is deafening.

    Ultimately there needs to be more people in attendance and this means students and ticket purchasers.  The "season ticket" area was sparse and the student attendance remains low.  I get it that it was Midway.  However, things don't get much better when wilberforce comes to town (or Army on the Saturday of Thanksgiving)

    The dedicated student bleacher on the court is nice but I'd suggest that it was about 40% full and the remaining students are spread out throughout Millett Hall.  I wish there was a better option and students were funnelled closer to the court.

    Any other observations?
    I worked for the student broadcasting team that covered our sports programs for about 2 and a half years. I can tell you that there is much less focus on basketball when it comes to fan engagement than there is football and hockey.  Part of this is due to the fact that the student broadcasting team does the ESPN3 stream for basketball, and there is only one camera dedicated to the video board for fan shots/promotions etc.   I worked a couple games on this camera, and the guy who is supposed to be responsible for managing the video board hardly ever used my shots.  For football, ESPN brings in their own crew and so the entire student broadcasting team is focused on the video board exclusively.  For hockey, the team was responsible for the NCHC stream, but it was always preached to us to focus on getting fan shots during breaks. 
    it seems to me that we certainly have the resources to make the fan experience for basketball better, we just choose not to.   
  • Fire Chuck Martin

    Cuck Martin has proven time and time again that he does not want to be the head coach of the Miami Redhawks.  He doesn't want to be here, and we don't want him here.  Why tf is he still here?

    Well, our QB got hurt, Sorensen is our, we are on the road, double digit dogs...we are young. I know we’ve made excuses for years but we were not supposed to win this game. Beat NIU!
    Being a 2 touchdown underdog against a league opponent isn't acceptable in the first place.

    Miami was 17-6 in their previous 23 MAC games coming into this game. Probably shouldn't have been 13 point dogs. I think that line was based largely on the drubbing against Ohio St.

    Imagine saying we shouldn't have been 12 point underdogs in a game we lost by 22
  • MAC Football Year End Awards

    I hope Sloman gets the opportunity to show why he is the best kicker in the MAC on Saturday

    On extra points. No field goals.
    Naturally.  The dog-piss TD celebration into 35 yard game-winning extra point is the ideal scenario.