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  • The D definitely wasn't worn down. They weren't on the field for an abundance of plays. OSU scored pretty quickly. Yeah, but those turnovers happened so quickly, they didn't get a chance to sit down.  We probably wore down some in the 2nd half given…
  • More importantly... Texas S ("Cradle Connection")....was beat 77-6 by Lousiana-Lafayette. AppSt is FBS, and would whip CM lead Miami.The Ragin Cajuns won in Athens yesterday by 20 and Troy whipped Akron.  The MAC might be the worst FBS league this…
  • In monetary policy, there's the trilemma of wanting a fixed exchange rate, an independent monetary policy-making body, and free capital flows.  You can't do all 3, though it's been tried before. In mid-major sports, there's the trilemma of funding a…
  • Almost forgot, but limited to the late games Week 1:  ChargersWeek 2:  RavensWeek 3:  49ers
  • Is anyone surprised?  We played one of the best teams money can buy (literally) and we gave them 3 turnovers and a blocked punt.  Don't show the game film and move on.
  • Chuck tells about his players trying to win their one-on-one battles.  Well he forefeited some of his one-on-one battles by kicking the field goal and fair catching every kickoff.  If you want your players to compete, let them compete!
  • Ohio St. may as well be in the SEC.  Urban probably brought the SEC template on how to provide extra compensation to his players in Columbus.  
  • Colorado +7.5 over Arizona St.
  • I feel dirty agreeing with Urban Meyer.
  • I think Saylor should be fired for this ridiculous schedule we have this season. No MAC school could handle this schedule. Sorry, Gene, but it’s precisely what MAC teams do. This season Kent visits Arizona State, Wisconsin, and Auburn. NIU visits …
  • Full context of the question (asked by a Columbus Dispatch writer on the MAC teleconference) Q:  Can you describe the challenge that awaits your team coming to Columbus? A:  I'm not sure that I can, you can probably describe it better.  You see them…
  • I would imagine that Ohio St. uses this game to work on their passing game.  They know they'll be able to run the ball; they'll probably try to develop Fields a little more.
  • After OSU we enter the toughest part of our MAC schedule against UB, WMU, NIU, a break against Kent, and OU. I don't think Chuck has ever "lost" the team halfway through the season per se, but that could be the backbreaker...Yeah, the team looked lo…
  • Way too many exclamation points.
  • You can't say the team wasn't prepared, we were up 10-0 after the 1st quarter.  UC had negative yardage offensively for most of the 1st quarter.  I think you can say UC made better adjustments as the game wore on.  I'm happy we were able to run the …
  • Redhawks +16.5 over UC
  • Still not sure how good UC is.  The UCLA win is mehh, the Ohio St. loss proved that they're not one of the top G5 teams.  Meanwhile, we were in a night game at Iowa in the 4th quarter and beat down a FCS team, meeting or slightly exceeding expectati…
  • Week 1:  ChargersWeek 2:  Ravens
  • The greatest trick the devil ever pulled, was convincing average suburban white kids in Ohio that a safety school for Chicago kids, is a "public Ivy."  Makes me laugh every time.     Didn't get accepted eh?  That's okay, I'm sure your UC education …
  • So optimistic through utter domination.   and yet you're still two games behind in the overall series. No doubt.  Between 1960 and 1979 you had UC's number.  Also that stretch from 1912 through 1922 was a good one for you.  Don't forget the Ben v…
  • Nippert isn't nearly the same environment at 12pm.
    in BEAT UC!! Comment by mz343 September 7
  • Texas A&M +19 over Clemson
  • Miami should be a 37 point favorite (though they'll be no official line on this game) and cover by 10. There were a lot of FBS v FCS games this weekend. Wanna list the ones that were a 37 point spread? Buffalo v Robert Morris UCF v FAMU UAB v Ala…
    in Tenn tech Comment by mz343 September 1
  • Iowa 31-7
  • https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/27461638/college-football-conference-previews-storylines-using-sp+ SP+ has us 6-6, 5-3 in the league, the 5th best team in the league (have to scroll down a little ways to see the MAC).  I think that'…
  • Nevada +9.5 over Purdue
  • Yeah, go watch the youtube link in the other thread of the Iowa/Miami highlights in 2002.  2002 Ben was better than Dysert.  Dysert was a great QB, but Ben finished in the top 10 of the Heisman voting in 2003. Clay Belton should be the lowest rated.
  • I think the trio of Thomas, Bester, and Johnson will do just fine in place of Smith and Young.  I would guess that Thomas will be used in the passing game in the way Young was. The bigger question mark is who will consistently complement Sorensen at…
  • That was really, really good.
    in "From Now On" Comment by mz343 August 26
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SGlrOiuZqW4 speaking of which....lots of talent on field....remember it being hot...really hot! And the talent off of the field got to showcase themselves as well.  The only other thing that sticks about that game be…