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  • I did it last year but My son and I are aged out this year (the date wouldnt have worked anyway). We had a lot of fun doing it.
  • We would schedule one for ones with P5 teams if they would agree to them with us. The only reason WMU and NIU are able to book those games is because they've played in NY6 games recently. I dont this is true. We cancelled a home game on the schedul…
  • Duluth seems way better tonight
    in Frozen Four Comment by Redsea April 13
  • I applied to Miami and Ohio State in the late 1980’s. I only really considered Miami but i probably would have been happy at tOSU. My daughter starts on Oxford this fall.
  • Because I am lazy and I don't want to file a FOIA submission- is there a rule that says that information gotten from an FOIA can't be reported?
  • I mean that is pretty bullshit. She was here for two (or three?) years, and signed an extension. No commitment to Miami at all. My original reaction was similar but then i thought about it and understood a bit. But I am surprised that you feel this…
  • After research seems like Big East womes basketball is a step down from the men (only two teams in the tournament) but Marquette is the best team
  • The release didnt even mention any quotes about Duffy. She did a real good job but i am suprised she left this quick. I dont have a sense if Big East womens basketball is as meaningful as mens. I am sure she will make more.
  • The other thing i just remembered about this search was that they fired Alford in December. Also i remember some talking head saying Luke Walton would be a good fit after getting fired by the Lakers and the other media saying well UCLA cant wait un…
  • I’d love to hear what Chuck Martin thinks of this conversation, and if he thinks the Gunlock and Indoor have helped with recruiting. I have heard Coach Martin and David Saylor say it has upgraded recruiting for football. I want to see it in the fie…
  • My guess is 99% of Hawktalkers are hoping for Nike to have a long and successful NBA career. I just hope he is still going to class and hasn't mentally checked out thinking he will be one of the 60 kids drafted next year- but there is some benefit t…
  • Ugh-  that would explain a lot.  The team was in total chaos by the end of the year it seems - with Adaway on his way out- Nike dreaming of the NBA- Lairy hurt back and the above on Ringo
  • It is unique to me that in almost all soorts the BG and Miami job would be viewed similarly but in hockey we can steal their coach? I guess it helps that he is an alum too More than doubling his salary helps a bit, too. Thats the part that is hard…
  • It is unique to me that in almost all soorts the BG and Miami job would be viewed similarly but in hockey we can steal their coach? I guess it helps that he is an alum too
  • https://www.collegehockeynews.com/news/2019/04/04_Miami-to-Hire-Bowling-Green.php College Hockey News also reporting Bergeron to Miami. They expect Schutte to return with him - 'along with staff member Jimmy Spratt'... Spratt is a former BG goalie…
  • That was maybe the best game I've watched all season. Lipscomb is so much fun to watch. They went 25-7, they had a laundry list of decent wins, 5 of their 7 losses were against tournament teams, and the other two were @ Clemson and @ Dunk City. Th…
  • I believe about 10 years ago Geno Ford left Kent State for Bradley. I think he assuned Bradley would pay his Kent State buy out. They didnt. Geno didnt either. I believe Kent then sued Geno but I am not sure how it ended up
  • What job does Oats take? None.  Given he hasn't actively floated his name out there, I think schools watch him next year to see what he does after losing 80% of his scoring from the senior class and make sure he's not another Keno Davis at Drake si…
  • Question for those in the greek life system as i never was. Has the hazing culture changed and gotten more intense over the last 30 years or has our tolerance for that type of behavior changed. My memory was hell week wasnt much fun for my friends…
  • Thanks D-Day- excellent piece and I didn't remember it After reading it - it appears that hockey isn't a big drain on our resources because of the Goggin and endowments Therefore it isn't fair to use it as an excuse as to why we can't compete with o…
  • I watched like two minutes of this at Wku outscored us like 10-0. I dont watch a ton of womens bb but we had girls in there i never seen before. I think we must have blown a big lead. Back to the mens games
  • There is a video I just saw on twitter with Nike, Delonte, Bam and ICL thanking fans for their support and telling them to get ready for next year.  I think that is a good sign that maybe it is a bad rumor
  • I haven't read this whole thread, but a question for you (and before people throw a fit, I'm not actually suggesting this) : Would you be willing to give up football if it meant multiple Frozen 4s/national titles AND a basketball team that went to …
  • Maybe they are right about the power 6 thing. Crap that is a big number.
  • Student attendance and the on field/court/ice product both blow, yet applications for admissions have never been higher, and we're admitting really talented freshman classes.  It's almost as if the overwhelming majority of Miami's students are picki…