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  • Nobody can compare to Megan. I’m heartbroken and unable to think about the future. Let's stick to basketball!!  ;D
    in WBB HC Search Comment by Bluesman 5:45PM
  • Duffy just announced her assistant coaches at Marquette. One of them is Justine Raterman who was one of her assistant coaches at Miami. So far no other Miami coaches going with her. I would expect as I have said before, that Goldsberry retires. KeSh…
  • Any news on potential candidates?So far no news. And Megan hasn't announced her staff at Marquette yet, so that may or may not impact the decision. 
  • Noticed Miami not mentioned in para 3 Neither is Purdue.Owens staff has Purdue owned on Twitter!! Regular bro fest. 
  • Boals just got a commit tonight from Marvin Price, 6'5" SF from Maryland. 3 star recruit with offers from Virginia Tech, Kansas State, Texas A & M, Georgia Tech, Depaul, George Washington, Oklahoma State, Boston College and others. So I don't kn…
  • I can't think of a good reason for her not to have taken the Marquette job. 6. 19goSkins was stalking her!  xP  ;D
  • There has been quite a bit of discussion on here about why Megan would leave for Marquette as the Big East isn't much better than the MAC. I am not at all happy about this move, but from her perspective I can understand it. And besides Dick, I may b…
  • It is between AJ Meyer and Jackson Williamson. Both have been taking turns with the 1's and Chuck said yesterday it may go down to the wire and first game.  Also, Brett Gabbert will be given a look when he gets to campus but I would expect it will b…
    in QB??? Comment by Bluesman April 11
  • Back to the topic at hand, Megan will be talking with current assistants at Marquette the next couple of days and with her former staff at Miami. Only bring that up because it will let us know who, at least for the time being, will be staying on to …
  • One thing to remember if it hasn't been brought up already is this will be the 3rd coach at Miami for some of these girls. In particular, Lauren, Savannah and Abbey. That is tough at any level to undergo that kind of change. Lauren in particular had…
  • Performance wasn't why Maria was let go. It was other reasons we don't need to discuss. She is long gone and won't be coming back. 
  • Interested to see what happens with Frank Goldsberry. He was Megan's hs coach and spent 5 years at UW-Milwaukee before he came back to the area. Does he go with Megan? Could he possibly be considered for the top job with us? Goldsberry likely is ret…
  • My understanding is her new contract at Marquette is 6 years at 500K a year. Can’t fault someone for more then doubling their base salary.
  • I am not faulting Megan for leaving. She had a better career opportunity and took it. Definitely more money, and better facilities. Is it Notre Dame? No. But maybe she views it as a stepping stone to one of the perennial top 30 teams. A lot of those…
  • Another choice to consider is Colleen Day. Former Miami player. She should be in the mix as well. 
  • One other thing about Ke'Sha Blanton-she is our recruiting coordinator, so was instrumental in the recruits we have under Megan. 
  • I am going to throw a name out there many might not know but she is with the program already and I think should at least be considered. And that is assistant coach Ke'Sha Blanton. Prior to Miami she was an assistant coach at Detroit Mercy in the Hor…
  • The release didnt even mention any quotes about Duffy. She did a real good job but i am suprised she left this quick. I dont have a sense if Big East womens basketball is as meaningful as mens. I am sure she will make more. Marquette won 27 games…
  • Program is in much better shape now then when Megan took over. That being said, just like a program can be turned around in 2 years for the good, it can just as quickly have the bottom drop out. David Sayler must make the right hire, and not take eo…
  • Please no one bid on the experience that I bid on. It’s at a good price right now and I want to win. Thank you. Don’t you dare steal my golf date with Megan Duffy! ⛳️❤️You will have to travel to Marquette for that!! 
  • It will be interesting to see if Ryan Pedon's name comes up in the discussions for UC job. He would be a great candidate. Just like he would have been a great candidate and coach at Miami.