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  • I think it is hard to evaluate any team that will be fielding a new QB. Especially a new QB who hasn't taken any live college snaps yet. Be it Mayer, Williamson, Gabbert or whomever we will be very young and untested at QB. So I have no issue with w…
  • Just announced he will be playing for UAB. 
  • Never mind. Did my own research and see he announced he was leaving back in November. He just participated in a JUCO camp for prospects so I guess he is JUCO now. Interesting because his Twitter bio still lists him as a TE at Miami. 
  • I have heard that Hendrix is recruiting a guard originally from England. 
    in Nia Clark Comment by Bluesman June 18
  • And to answer chuck's question above my understanding is Hendrix has been recruiting but no new faces to announce yet. May be a very short roster this coming year. We have lost Reid, Purvis, Levering, McCoy to graduation. We have lost Clark to trans…
    in Nia Clark Comment by Bluesman June 17
  • Nia Clark was announced as a member of Xavier Womens Basketball on June 11. So she is gone as well. She joins former Miami commit who was let out of her signed LOI, Morgan Sharps. So the roster keeps taking hits. 
    in Nia Clark Comment by Bluesman June 17
  • It makes sense from OSU's perspective not to invite Miami or any school they are playing the upcoming season. I have no issue with this. 
  • any players that have left saw a lot of playing time?No starters. Depth players. Always good to have depth, but if they didn't feel Miami was right for them, best for all concerned that they move on. 
  • Logan Speyer just announced he will be playing for Findlay. 
  • 247Sports reporting he will visit Miami, Illinois and BG. Illinois is this Saturday followed by Miami and BG. So that is good news at least that we are getting him to visit.   https://247sports.com/Article/Former-Michigan-quarterback-Brandon-Peters-…
  • Lindsay Puckett just added as Director of Video Operations. I believe there is still one assistant coach spot to fill. Welcome aboard Lindsay!  https://miamiredhawks.com/news/2019/5/30/lindsay-puckett-named-to-womens-basketball-staff.aspx
    in WBB HC Search Comment by Bluesman May 30
  • I think Sayler got caught flat footed on this and panicked. Clearly the things that impressed him did not impress recruits  I dont that is fair at all. I dont think if Megan Duffy was being hired now she would be able to hang on to somebody else’…
    in WBB HC Search Comment by Bluesman May 29
  • For everyone who's beyond ticked with losing these recruits, please type out the total number of women's games you've attended over the past 5 seasons.  I'll start: 0I have watched every single womens game that has been broadcast over the internet o…
    in WBB HC Search Comment by Bluesman May 24
  • Hendrix was officially announced as Miami's HC on April 24. Today is May 24, so one month has passed.  We still have no announced coaching staff. This is unacceptable. 
    in WBB HC Search Comment by Bluesman May 24
  • And this is another one I have used for years. This one does have partial rosters well back into the 1980s. Great reference sites.  https://www.sports-reference.com/cfb/schools/miami-oh/
  • Looking for rosters from the late 1980s and I can’t find our media guide/record book. Anyone got a link?This doesn't have full rosters but is a great link I have been using for years.  https://cfbdatawarehouse.com/data/active/m/miami_oh/index.php
  • Frank Goldsberry has left Miami and is now an assistant coach for the Loyola Ramblers. Guy is a legend in the Dayton area.
    in WBB HC Search Comment by Bluesman May 22
  • Just devastating to read this today.  Those recruits were the foundation of a championship program.  Our new staff will not be able to bring in that level of recruits, especially with such a late start.  Those 3 girls would have all started or playe…
    in WBB HC Search Comment by Bluesman May 21
  • Tyler Fleetwood also transferring.I wish Fleetwood Mac well. Rumours was a great album!! 
  • Miami let all three mentioned above, Myles, Sharps and Nolan out of their signed NLI. 
    in WBB HC Search Comment by Bluesman May 17
  • We lost to graduation Purvis, McCoy, Reid, Levering. We may still have incoming Freeman and Scott. Whether or not we lose anyone else coming in or from the current roster remains to be seen. 
    in WBB HC Search Comment by Bluesman May 17
  • Morgan Sharps https://twitter.com/morgan_sharps/status/1128776181216612352 Kennedi Myles https://twitter.com/IlliniWBB/status/1129118462956191744 Maddie Nolanhttps://twitter.com/maddienolan20/status/1125109813527175170 And this is Teegan Pifher who …
    in WBB HC Search Comment by Bluesman May 17
  • So I am confused. We had 5 letter of intents in the fall and 3 of them have been released and moved on to power 5 schools. All three signed with us. We even had a press release about it. I'm not upset with the girls, I am upset with Miami for not s…
    in WBB HC Search Comment by Bluesman May 17