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  • Women's World Cup

    I turned it off after 3-0 as it was non competitive.  In any other sport, after a certain point in a noncompetitive game, you clear your bench but let the subs keep playing hard and trying to score.  I don't know substitution rules in soccer.  Do you have another whole team on the bench?  Can you take all your starters out?  Why is Alex Morgan still playing when the game is a complete blowout??
    You are allowed only three subs.
  • WBB HC Search

    So money trumps loyalty, i.e. contract, players, recruits, institution.
    Her contract required her to coach a set number of years or buy those years out. She bought out the years. I don’t know why people keep thinking a coach that moves on to another job has somehow broken his or her word when the coach promises to do either one of two things and then does one of the two things promised.

    If you pay off your mortgage early, are you breaking your promise to the bank? After all, you didn’t promise to repay them, you promised to repay them according to a set payment plan on a date certain.
  • Elijah Watson Update

    I'm banning him just like we banned Joe Stanzi back in the day. Certainly not out of some desire to protect Chuck Martin, who god knows, doesn't deserve protection.
  • Elijah Watson Update

    It is indeed funny to see how some of the keyboard warriors who defended other players, claiming they are just kids (e.g., see all the discussions about Nike - basketball) are the same bashing some football kids for seeking better opportunities and leaving to another place.
    To be clear, no one is bashing Elijah Watson, the player. We wish him the best and hope he does well in Carbondale.  Players transfer all the time.

    To the extent anyone is bashing anyone, we're bashing Elijah Watson's father, who told us all about how his son was God's gift to football and had talent Chuck Martin couldn't see.  And after his son spent a disappointing year at a junior college and came away with only an offer from Southern Illinois--not even Miami, and certainly not Alabama--Elijah Watson's father for some reason thinks it's a winning move to come back and call everyone hypocrites and idiots.  Elijah Watson would probably be best served by his dad just shutting up and going to Saluki games, because Elijah Watson's father is writing checks Elijah Watson can't cash.

    At least when Ricky Stanzi's dad pulled this helicopter parent posting BS, he could say his son was a successful Big 10 quarterback. 
  • Hockey Coaching Search Thread

    Not a great record as a head coach. 
    Well we didn't hire him to be a head coach, but to be a recruiter.  And the article says that whatever his W-L record, he had made important recruiting inroads in women's hockey for SCSU, even though he presumably wasn't on the recruiting trail for women before taking that job.

    Some people aren't made out to be head coaches, but can be highly valued assistants. Sounds like Bergeron thinks Rud could be that guy.