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  • Pittsburgh Steelers 2019-2020

    He should have hit a woman with a helmet; he get two games and be allowed to play while appealing it.
  • Ohio State DE Chase Young suspended

    Through last week’s games, Ohio State had the second highest SOS in the top 10.
  • 2019 MLB thread

    Dave Roberts' management of the bullpen was criminal.

    Kershaw should never have gone out for the 8th--every Dodger fan watching knew getting that out in the 7th was the absolute best possible result for a bullpen Kershaw appearance, and anything else was guaranteed to be downhill.

    And then intentionally walking Soto and keeping Kelly in the game when Kolarek, whose only job in this series has been to strike Soto out, was ready to go?
  • 2019 MLB thread

    Too bad.  Injuries hurt them this year.  Not sure how much of their record was his fault, but that’s how MLB rolls.
    There’s a serious roster problem in Anaheim that isn’t Ausmus’s fault. Stolen from @mattwelch on Twitter:

    The Angels gave a mind-numbing 492 innings to pitchers who had a season ERA+ of under 80. Let’s compare that to some playoff teams:

    246 MIL
    185.2 NYY
    125.2 WAS
    125.2 ATL
    112 HOU
    96.1 MIN
    70.1 STL
    67 OAK
    44.1 LAD
    32.1 TBR
  • This Deserves its Own Thread

    What he tells reporters and what he tells his players may be very different things. 

    And what do you make of several of his current and former players reacting negatively in a public forum? A vote of confidence?

    I'd look at that list of players first
    Just perusing these links and not going any deeper, I see Kenny Young and Ryan Smith both liking posts about Martin being a joke. I see Buchi Okafor and Sam Martin, both of whom were regular players for four years (Martin with accolades!) tweeting about it. And I see Doug Costin—currently an anchor of our defense—posting zippered mouth emojis and garnering likes from the same graduates who are complaining about Martin.

    So yes, I’ve looked at the list, and I feel safe saying that Martin doesn’t have the respect of his players.