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  • 2020 NCAA Tournament Thread

    CBI is canceled.  NCAA has announced the NIT will go forward in empty arenas.
  • Miami Cancels In-Person Classes

    I didn’t know the virus was only contagious in classrooms! Who knew?!

    It's not, smartass.  But we've got a lot of students (internationals, etc.) with no place else to go.  I'd guess most of our Midwestern-based students will go home.  A few will need to stay.  And keeping the dorms open, even for a handful of folks, helps save a few jobs in Butler County.  
    Nearly 10% of the Miami student body is from China. Making them go home to a full-fledged disease outbreak is a hell of a lot worse than letting them stay in Ohio.
  • 20 losses

    So one good game by a streaky player saves his job or we just waiting until we ultimately get to 20 losses here in the next week? ;-)

    If you heard anything reliable then he still gone.....but maybe David Sayler should go, these are his hires and they (Cooper and Owens) have accounted for five, 20 and additional near 20 (18, 17) loss season in the last 10 years...placing Miami basketball in the company of the worst programs in DI basketball over that span (heck maybe in top...err bottom 20, who knows...sounds like a job for Qburger)

    Everyone states that he can raise money, great...none of it ends up helping basketball.....while every other MAC school can exhibit occasional or sustained periods of progress.

    Cooper was a Bates hire
  • 2020 football schedule released

    I'd like to see us get to the point where we play the big pay day game every three or four years and play a somewhat smaller payday. I'd love to see us be able to get Purdue, Indiana, Northwestern, Pitt, Maryland, Rutgers on the schedule with the occasional return visit 
    If we want to pay for a FBS football team that’s competitive, we need big buy games most years, not one every four.
  • Miami goes to #7 Denver this weekend

    Jesus H. First period wasn't bad. That period was pretty awful.

    Just watched a Zamboni driver beat the Leafs. That wasn’t pretty.

    Yeah, but he has a job in hockey. I believe that makes him ineligible to sign with Miami.
    You never know. Zamboni drivers have a way of resurfacing.
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