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  • AG Barr Sound Familiar Today? RE: B2 Hiring JC

    Eddie Fogler wrote the Mueller Report
  • 2019 Pittsburgh Steelers Thread

    The current head coach of the Seattle Seahawks agrees with that, so it’s not exactly out of the ordinary in the NFL.
  • Megan Duffy to Marquette

    I am curious: knowing that Megan would likely leave soon, shouldn't Miami have offered her a better contract with a much higher buyout? Like what Buffalo did? I tend to agree with what someone mentioned before: basketball seems to be less and less of a priority at MU. We could even have some sort of "pay for one, take two" buyout clause and send Chuck Martin away with her :D
    We already did the extension with the buyout increase last season. 
  • Coaching Carousel 2019

    I assume they will call Beard or Bennett (because their agents are interested, even if the coaches aren't), but this search process really shows the binds UCLA is in right now:
    • Fan base with wildly unrealistic expectations (although canning Howland when they did was arguably the right call because he'd lost the locker room entirely)
    • Athletic director who is both (1) pretty bad at his job and (2) completely unable to manage the fans' unrealistic expectations
    • Meaning the fan base hates the AD more than anyone here has ever hated Brad Bates, but for state university politics reasons (UC-system-wide), the administration is pretty content to let him do what he wants
    • So any marquee sport coach hired by the AD is looked at with severe mistrust from day one, meaning no honeymoon period of any kind that a coach in a high-pressure gig might otherwise expect, particularly when the last guy was fired and a rebuild is needed
    • Because UCLA is tied into the PAC 12 network fiasco, its ability to pay huge amounts of money to lure coaches has held steady or decreased at the same time other major conferences have gotten billion-dollar deals 
    • Even with the PAC 12's new scheme to sell the network rights to private equity investors for an immediate cash infusion, it's widely expected that the University of California system will take Cal and UCLA's share of that to pay general fund expenses of the entire UC rather than allowing the two campus athletic programs to keep it
    • And, to top it all off, $15 million of the limited money UCLA has sitting around for coaches is already tied up in the Mora and Alford buyouts.
    So, that's where we are: an impotent AD, a fan base that will want you fired from day one, and a systemic inability to pay enough money to make all that bullshit worthwhile.
  • Hockey Coaching Search Thread

    What is there to think think about and "mull over" lol?

    BG may sweeten their offer to try to keep him.  Bergeron may want to contact fiends in Oxford who are close to the program to see what he would have to deal with to get us turned around.  If BG sweetens their offer, would Miami increase ours?  Does he have any family situations which would make it difficult to move?
    Bergeron's older son is in college at BG and his younger son is in high school. It's conceivable he may want to avoid tearing them away from those connections.