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  • Sorenson Fan Club

    Forgive my Scandinavian spelling of his name-actually Sorenson!
    My recollection, from when I lived in Minnesota, is that -sen is Danish, -son is Norwegian. -sson is Swedish.
  • NBA free agency

    Bucks and Sixers look to be early Eastern Conference favorites for next year.

    The Clippers? Chuck, what’s the tax rate in Ka-li-fornia?
    Quite high, but it's been quite high the whole time Kawhi grew up here too.
  • 7 schools to leave WCHA

    The Alaskas and Huntsville aren't going to have hockey any more, it appears.

    "Seven prominent NCAA Division I men's hockey playing institutions have announced the exploration of a new Division I men's hockey conference that would begin play with the 2021-2022 season. The seven institutions include: Bemidji State University; Bowling Green State University; Ferris State University; Lake Superior State University; Michigan Technological University; Minnesota State University, Mankato; and Northern Michigan University."
  • UMass home and home on schedule 2023/2024

    Seriously, has anybody seen our future schedules?  Almost every year we have 3 away games out of conference and then play one home game against some crap D3 team Ive never even heard of like LIU Post or some nonsense.  Not impressed with Saylor's scheduling.  One year are only "home" game is against UC IN CINCINNATI...
    Gotta fund an athletic department somehow.
  • Women's World Cup

    I turned it off after 3-0 as it was non competitive.  In any other sport, after a certain point in a noncompetitive game, you clear your bench but let the subs keep playing hard and trying to score.  I don't know substitution rules in soccer.  Do you have another whole team on the bench?  Can you take all your starters out?  Why is Alex Morgan still playing when the game is a complete blowout??
    You are allowed only three subs.