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    There are plenty of reasons to want Chuck gone. All things considered tonight isn't one of them.
    Feel pretty much the same way.
  • Iowa Prediction Thread

    Miami 66
    Iowa 6
  • Miami Two Deep Iowa

    Miami posted its two deep. Jackson is bolded as the starter and they are listing Mayer and Gabbert, as expected. Scary is that we have 10 Freshmen listed in our two deep - four of them true Freshmen. None are shown as starting.
    Last year was the senior-laden year to make big noise. Didn’t work out so well.
  • 2019-20 Non-Conference Schedule

    I miss when Miami played a hard OOC schedule and even won at times. 

    And that got us:
    0 at large bids
    A bad record
    Decreased fan support
    But some great paydays
    Gotta fund the athletic department somehow, and Charlie, god love him, was willing to shoulder that burden.
  • Fall Camp 2019

    Well, I certainly hope he has a different message in the locker room, but Chuck Martin does two things as a coach that consistently irritate me when I see it from any coach.  One, he's a poor-mouther.  It's fine as a G5 coach to take a public line like "well, when you play a team as good as [NFL G-LEAGUE SQUAD], a lot of things have to go right for us to win, but we're working our tails off in camp so that we have a chance to have that kind of day."  But being transparently pissed at your AD for taking the paycheck doesn't do anyone any favors.  Two, he's an "I coached good; they played bad" kind of guy.  I *hate* coaches who throw players under the bus in the post-game -- even when they deserve it.  That's not good leadership, and it's not good teaching.  

    Both of those traits stem from a coach's desire to protect his own reputation from factors that he doesn't think he fully controls.  But when you sign up for a D1 head coaching job, you get to own that stuff even when it's not 100% your responsibility.  I keep waiting for Chuck to moderate either of those tendencies, but perhaps in year five, what you see is all you'll get.  

    It's a fine line. For most of us, 'Cousins became Cousins' and 'Ask Cal why it was so close' are great lines. But how close is that to saying your team shouldn't have been in the game?
    Track record, perhaps. CC also spoke highly of his squad and I'm not sure CM ever really has.

    I think context as well. It's one thing to say "Cousins became Cousins" after a close loss that happened, in no small part, because Cousins suddenly remembered he was Cousins and played like it.  Quite another to talk about how you expect to be "physically overwhelmed" before the game even happens.