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  • Miami goes to #7 Denver this weekend

    Jesus H. First period wasn't bad. That period was pretty awful.

    Just watched a Zamboni driver beat the Leafs. That wasn’t pretty.

    Yeah, but he has a job in hockey. I believe that makes him ineligible to sign with Miami.
    You never know. Zamboni drivers have a way of resurfacing.
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  • An interesting take CHN

    What the hell is the point of going to the CCHA if they aren't going to keep Minnesota State, the one program with some sustained success during the post-realignment era?

    Seriously, if finances are so dire that we're considering paying a "hefty exit fee" to drop to a worse (but cheaper) league that will then get even worse because the best team wants to take our spot in the better league, why are we even bothering with Division I athletics? We can save oodles of money dropping to Division III.
  • The CCHA is back!!!

    MHT: We need to more aggressively market to fans in Cincinnati, Dayton, and the area, and get non-alums interested in Miami sports

    Also MHT: all these non-alums from Cincinnati, Dayton, and the area who care about hockey are giving me the heebie-jeebies
  • The CCHA is back!!!

    How does it not decrease travel costs?

    Not all non-league opponents require us to fly across the country.
    We'd save one plane trip a year (Western is now a drive; BG and FSU would be drives), and when you figure in things like "fly to MSP and then rent a bus to drive two hours to Mankato" instead of "fly to Denver", I'm not sure you end up saving that much money.
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