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  • 909 government street

    Update: Jive threw the football into the neighbor’s yard. The beast has it now.
    Just run over there and get it. Ain’t no laws when you’re drinking Claws.
  • Bowl Game Prep Info

    From the AP:
    The LendingTree Bowl in Mobile, Alabama, matching Louisiana-Lafayette and Miami University will essentially be a three-hour promo for LSU-Clemson.

    Why? Is the annual Tiddlywinks World Title on the line between those two institutions? From a College World Series matchup, that would be a great game.

    But if it’s the football lead up, the Clemson wide receiver fumbled it and the Tosu guy scored. Cheaters.
    Ryan Day coached not to lose against the team that won 2 of the last 3 national titles. A very consequential blown call should be expected, and he tried to be conservative.
  • 2019 MAC Bowl Games

    Pitt’s next game against Miami?
    I hope we grind Narduzzi’s traitorous ass into dust.
  • Program expectations

    BTW, you want to be Boise? Okay.

    1) Make sure the nearest competent P5 program is over 400 miles away.
    2) Abandon all academic standards.
    3) Open a fucking truck driving school.
    4) Spend about twice as much as we do on football and screw over every other sport.

    There. Now you have a chance to be Boise.
    If you want proof that athletics helps the academic side, since Boise State became a G5 power, their four-year graduation rate has more than quadrupled!

    It’s now 21%, and it was 5% in the early 2000s.
  • Good DDN article on Coach Martin

    None of that column changes my mind on his coaching tenure, though it does show a really caring, genuinely kind side absent from previous coverage. It looks like he’s really doing great things in the Oxford area. (But calling him “stupendously successful” is overselling it a bit, Archdeacon.)