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    After OSU we enter the toughest part of our MAC schedule against UB, WMU, NIU, a break against Kent, and OU. I don't think Chuck has ever "lost" the team halfway through the season per se, but that could be the backbreaker...
    Yeah, the team looked lost when they stopped UC inside the 5 4 straight plays late in the 4th quarter when it was pretty much over.  

    I think we have as good of a chance in the MAC as anyone, I don't think anyone's separated themselves yet.  Eastern has the best win, against the 2nd worst team in the BIG.  Our start to the conference season is difficult, but not impossible.  Buffalo is losing at Liberty as I type, Western gave up 51 points to Sparty, who can't score on anyone, NIU will be tough, but OU hasn't looked out-of-this-world yet even with Rourke at QB.
  • Prediction Thursday

    Still not sure how good UC is.  The UCLA win is mehh, the Ohio St. loss proved that they're not one of the top G5 teams.  Meanwhile, we were in a night game at Iowa in the 4th quarter and beat down a FCS team, meeting or slightly exceeding expectations through the first 2 games.  Going back to last year, we've played pretty well since the end of last September.  My greatest concern is our DL against their OL.  Can we slow down the running game.  My second greatest concern is our DBs staying disciplined against their WRs, specifically our corners.

    Strong OL play should continue to help our freshman QB.  He played well at Iowa, whose defense is better than UC's.  I think we'll score points and the defense will bend but not break.

    Miami 26-23
  • Jalen Adaway-Transferring

    Adaway to St. Bonaventure, a team that was 3 pts away from dancin' last year. Movin' on up...
    I agree.  VCU and Davidson are (rightly so) picked as the top two in the A10 this year, but SBU is my sleeper pick.  They have some excellent under the radar freshmen coming in this year, and Mark Schmidt always overachieves with his personnel.  I see the A10 trending up from last season and getting 3 or 4 NCAA tourney selections.

    Dayton is absolutely loaded.

    6-9 Obi Toppin (will be an early draft entry)
    6-5 Ibi Watson (Michigan transfer now eligible)
    6-11 Jordy Tshimanga (Nebraska transfer now eligible)
    6-9 Chase Johnson (Florida transfer now eligible)

    plus they have really good Guard play
    But Anthony Grant is their coach, so they're guaranteed to be 19-13, 18-12, 17-14 and be on the bubble.  And I'm not sure about Watson.  If John Beilein and LaVall Jordan/DeAndre Haynes couldn't develop him, could Anthony Grant and his staff do a better job?  We'll see I guess.
  • Kent State men at Miami Tuesday at 7:00

    The only thing we've done consistently this year is show immaturity.  Whether it be talking too much trash and not enough on defense, showing too much bravado instead of acting like you've been there before, or not playing hard for 40 minutes, we've lacked maturity.  To not come out with any energy on senior night in what could be the last home game is beyond disappointing.  The Roy Williams line change should've been in effect at the end of the 1st half.  Yes they're quick, but we have quickness too, when we want to show it and we didn't in the 1st half.  But the talent is there, as evidenced by the run at the start of the 2nd half.  We decided to play harder and with a little more toughness and what do ya know, we got back in the game.  I hope someone steps up over the summer and provides good leadership and that the team matures because that will be the primary key to our success next year.
  • Current MAC Standings

    Standings through 3/2, just 2 games left for everybody.

    1. Buffalo 14-2, clinched 1st round-bye, clinches #1 seed with a win or BG loss in either of the last 2 games, at OU, vs. BG
    2. BG 12-4, clinched 1st round bye, at Akron, at Buffalo
    3. Toledo 11-5, can clinch 1st round bye with win or Kent loss in either of the last 2 games, vs. Western, vs. Eastern
    4. Central 9-7, clinched at least a 1st round home game, owns head-to-head tiebreaker over Kent, vs. NIU, at Western
    5. Kent 9-7, clinched at least a 1st round home game, at Miami, vs. Akron
    6. Eastern 8-8, clinches 1st round home game with win in either of last 2 games, vs. Ball St., at Toledo
    7. Miami 7-9, owns tiebreaker over Akron because of 2-0 record vs. BG, vs. Kent, at OU
    8. Akron 7-9, vs. BG, at Kent
    9. Ball St. 6-10, currently owns head-to-head over NIU, at Eastern, vs. NIU
    10. NIU 6-10, at Central, at Ball St.
    11. OU 5-11, vs. Buffalo, vs. Miami
    12. Western 2-14, locked into #12, at Toledo, vs. Central

    As I see it, Miami clinches a 1st round home game with a win on Tuesday, plus an Akron loss and an NIU loss.