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  • Kent State men at Miami Tuesday at 7:00

    The only thing we've done consistently this year is show immaturity.  Whether it be talking too much trash and not enough on defense, showing too much bravado instead of acting like you've been there before, or not playing hard for 40 minutes, we've lacked maturity.  To not come out with any energy on senior night in what could be the last home game is beyond disappointing.  The Roy Williams line change should've been in effect at the end of the 1st half.  Yes they're quick, but we have quickness too, when we want to show it and we didn't in the 1st half.  But the talent is there, as evidenced by the run at the start of the 2nd half.  We decided to play harder and with a little more toughness and what do ya know, we got back in the game.  I hope someone steps up over the summer and provides good leadership and that the team matures because that will be the primary key to our success next year.
  • Current MAC Standings

    Standings through 3/2, just 2 games left for everybody.

    1. Buffalo 14-2, clinched 1st round-bye, clinches #1 seed with a win or BG loss in either of the last 2 games, at OU, vs. BG
    2. BG 12-4, clinched 1st round bye, at Akron, at Buffalo
    3. Toledo 11-5, can clinch 1st round bye with win or Kent loss in either of the last 2 games, vs. Western, vs. Eastern
    4. Central 9-7, clinched at least a 1st round home game, owns head-to-head tiebreaker over Kent, vs. NIU, at Western
    5. Kent 9-7, clinched at least a 1st round home game, at Miami, vs. Akron
    6. Eastern 8-8, clinches 1st round home game with win in either of last 2 games, vs. Ball St., at Toledo
    7. Miami 7-9, owns tiebreaker over Akron because of 2-0 record vs. BG, vs. Kent, at OU
    8. Akron 7-9, vs. BG, at Kent
    9. Ball St. 6-10, currently owns head-to-head over NIU, at Eastern, vs. NIU
    10. NIU 6-10, at Central, at Ball St.
    11. OU 5-11, vs. Buffalo, vs. Miami
    12. Western 2-14, locked into #12, at Toledo, vs. Central

    As I see it, Miami clinches a 1st round home game with a win on Tuesday, plus an Akron loss and an NIU loss.
  • #21/23 Buffalo at Miami Friday night at 8:00

    This is a hard game to evaluate.  I would've stressed the following in my scouting report as keys to victory:
    1. Make them play in the half-court.

    I'd say that this happened at times, but not nearly often.  The pace felt frantic, which favors Buffalo

    2. Run them off the 3-point line.  If they beat us with 2s, so be it.


    3. Good shot selection.

    At times, but not enough.

    4. Clog their transition lines, only 1 guy should offensive rebound.


    So we didn't do any of those things well.  To make it worse, we come out like deer in the headlights with the national TV audience and big crowd and spot them 18.  Yet this was a 1 possession game with 2:30 left?!?!?  

    I thought our defense was bad most of the night.  Since it appeared Ayah's knee was bothering him, we couldn't play an ideal lineup with him at the 5, so Bowman was in no man's land all night long.  We're quick enough that we should be able to switch screens 1-4, but that requires talking and I don't think we communicated well.  There's no way any one of their shooters should be wide open for a 3.  Yes, they're good and they put a lot of pressure on you offensively, but if you can switch every screen/handoff and stick on shooters, they shouldn't get any open 3s.  We tried to collapse on the drive and rotate back on shooters, but they move the ball so quickly that the rotation will always be behind.  That's why I think you have to live with 2s, give Perkins the post and see if he can score over Bam.  Then the times we did play good defense, we didn't get enough loose balls.  I think they might've worn down at the end of the game, which surprised me.  They missed a lot of open shoots and free throws, which kept us in the game.

    Offensively, we were too immature in our shot selection.  By tonight's play, you wouldn't know that we had a senior point guard.  I don't think Buffalo is a great defensive team.  Their best defensive strategy is to speed you up at the other end and get you out of sync.  You can attack them off the dribble and go inside and we did a pretty good job of that, but you have to finish when you get in there, you can't throw up crap or miss dunks because they get the rebound and go.  So our 14 turnovers (only 4 in the 2nd half) is a little misleading because we had some bad shots that led to scoring opportunities for them.

    Coach did a good job of staying calm during the beginning of the game.  He probably realized our guys were nervous, overwhelmed, then shaken.  Some of you will hate to hear this, but we're still young, especially compared to Buffalo, so the worst thing, I think, you can do is get too riled up at the beginning of the game.  18 point leads, especially 4 minutes into the game, aren't what they used to be, they're overcome more frequently.  

    I would also tell the team that we didn't play remotely close to how we played at BG, yet we had the ball down 3 with 2:30 left against a top 25 team.  Also, Tuesday's game is just as big, if not bigger.  There can't be any dwelling or pouting over this game.  
  • Bracketology

    I would also point out that starting CJ guard Ashley  Goldsberry is the daughter of Miami assistant coach Frank Goldsberry, who was also the CJ coach at the time.
    And his son John played at Vandalia Butler, 2 years younger than I was.  He was a heck of a player.  He went onto UNC Wilmington where he played all 4 years, including going 8/8 from 3 against Maryland in the 1st round of the NCAA Tournament in his freshman year (they lost at the buzzer on a Drew Nicolas running 3, Maryland was the defending champs).
  • Current MAC Standings

    Tonight's win and Akron's loss to Buffalo pretty much ensured that we'll win a head-to-head tiebreaker over Akron thanks to our sweep of BG.