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  • Miami vs. Ohio A&M: Game Thread

    Is anyone surprised?  We played one of the best teams money can buy (literally) and we gave them 3 turnovers and a blocked punt.  Don't show the game film and move on.
  • I Feel Sorry For The Players

    Chuck tells about his players trying to win their one-on-one battles.  Well he forefeited some of his one-on-one battles by kicking the field goal and fair catching every kickoff.  If you want your players to compete, let them compete!
  • This Deserves its Own Thread

    I feel dirty agreeing with Urban Meyer.
  • Game Thread: Battle for the Bell

    You can't say the team wasn't prepared, we were up 10-0 after the 1st quarter.  UC had negative yardage offensively for most of the 1st quarter.  I think you can say UC made better adjustments as the game wore on.  I'm happy we were able to run the ball with some success but better balance was needed.

    We made some big plays in the game, but they made all of the big ones.  And we missed out on chances to make big plays.  Giving up multiple 4th down conversions, bad secondary play on long passes.  They had guys open that the QB missed because of our poor execution.

    Their TD before the half was a killer; lining up offsides on 3rd and 20 was the gamechanger.  Unfortunately, freshman mistakes have hurt us in big spots.  Against Iowa, a freshman tackle was the 12th man and came on the field late later in the game.  A freshman linebacker gave up the wheel route to Warren today.  And a freshman lined up offsides.  Freshman mistakes happen, you have to live with them.  And the freshmen are doing some good things too, including today.  Gabbert played well at times, Shelton had some good runs, Blakely had a good catch and run.

    Key drops hurt us too, Homer on a 3rd down, Walker on 1st down at their 20.

    Positives:  offensive line play for a good part of the game, especially before our injuries.  Defensive line play surprised to the upside.  I feel good about our front 7 defensively.  Our secondary is hit and miss, especially our corner play.

    In these games, especially when you're the underdog, you have to make the majority of the big plays and not give up any and it was the opposite.
  • Prediction Thursday

    Still not sure how good UC is.  The UCLA win is mehh, the Ohio St. loss proved that they're not one of the top G5 teams.  Meanwhile, we were in a night game at Iowa in the 4th quarter and beat down a FCS team, meeting or slightly exceeding expectations through the first 2 games.  Going back to last year, we've played pretty well since the end of last September.  My greatest concern is our DL against their OL.  Can we slow down the running game.  My second greatest concern is our DBs staying disciplined against their WRs, specifically our corners.

    Strong OL play should continue to help our freshman QB.  He played well at Iowa, whose defense is better than UC's.  I think we'll score points and the defense will bend but not break.

    Miami 26-23