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  • BEAT OU!

    I thought we played really well today.  Nothing about today was fluky, I think we can repeat today's performance again multiple times.  Even when they cut into the lead, I thought we ran good offense but missed some good looks inside.  If we can replicate today's performance, we can beat anyone in the league.  The transformation this team has made when it comes to playing with effort and toughness, especially defensively, is amazing.  A little over a month ago we were in the bottom 50 in Division 1 in defensive efficiency.  We're now in the top half of Division 1 in that category.  The play Bam made in the 2nd half when he went full extension for a steal wouldn't have happened 6 weeks ago.  I thought Ringo and Lairy played tough perimeter defense.  But the big difference was that we destroyed them on the glass.  Bam and Brown were in double figures with rebounds, but Sibande had 7 and AdAway 6, respectively.  We were the tougher team inside and that usually leads to victory.

    Ringo controlled the game again, 5 assists and 4 steals against 3 turnovers.  Sibande was good as well, looking for his shot but looking for Bam inside.  Bam was terrific.  When he shoots the ball, I'm surprised when he misses.  AdAway had a couple of big time moves in the half court, especially the crossover pullup 16 footer.  I'd like to see more of that.  

    Now we get a week to rest and get healthy.  In order to get a 1st round home game, I think 4 more wins would guarantee it, 3 might be enough, 2 definitely not.  Congratulations to everyone involved, wonderful effort today.
  • Miami basketball posters

    Both posters accounted for.
  • It's officially the off-season...well

    Maybe we should try to guess where Dick hasn't been.
  • Game Notes Review

    In our game notes under last meeting:  Minnesota 29, Cincinnati 23.
  • MAC Basketball "Golf" Standings

    1. Buffalo 13-3, clinched 1st round bye
    2. Toledo 12-4, clinched 1st round bye
    3. Ball St. 10-6, clinched 1st round home game
    4. Western 9-7, clinched 1st round home game
    5. Eastern 9-7, clinched 1st round home game
    6. Miami 8-8, clinched 1st round home game
    7. Kent 8-8, clinched 1st round home game
    8. BG 7-9
    9. Central 5-11
    10. Akron 5-11
    11. OU 5-11
    12. NIU 5-11