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  • Ball St. Game

    I thought we came out flat, probably nervous and emotional given what was at stake and Senior Night.  Alonzo Smith's run turned the game around.  I think it's fitting that he and Koenig made signature plays in their last regular season game.  We dominated the line of scrimmage the last 35 minutes after getting dominated the first 25 minutes.  Congratulations to the team, players and coaches, for sticking with it and not giving up.  Love and Honor.

    And Friday it's Ay Ziggy Zoomba!
  • Game Notes Review

    In our game notes under last meeting:  Minnesota 29, Cincinnati 23.
  • Miami vs UC Game Thread

    And why do we have guys talking smack down 2 touchdowns?  
  • Miami host Ohio again, this time on Monday night at 7 in MAC tourney

    The defense was on point for most of the game.  Maybe we let up a little after Dartis went out?  Ringo played a great game.  He was under control, made a lot of great decisions and took what the defense gave him, which was scoring.  He only had 3 assists, but more importantly just 1 turnover.  A healthy Coleman-Lands made a big difference.  McLane stepped up and was our stabilizer inside.  If he can do that Thursday night and provide stopgap buckets, we'll have a chance.  The energy was there tonight.  A great effort by everyone involved!
  • Has chuck won a single significant game?

    Ummm, it would be natural to be knocked down a couple of pegs if you go from 9-4 and MAC Champs to 8-5 or 8-4 or 7-5 and non-MAC Champs.  Again, he still would've done a very good job, but without the MAC Championship, do you think he gets the Pitt job?  Another level he doesn't attain without all of the great finishes I highlighted above, not just the MAC Championship.