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  • This Deserves its Own Thread

    I feel dirty agreeing with Urban Meyer.
  • Miami at Akron at 8:00 Monday night in the MAC Tournament

    I think all anyone needs to know about this game, if they did or didn't watch it, is at one time, our lineup was Ringo, Sibande, Harouna, McNamara, and Abrams.  I don't think anything else needs to be said.
  • Current MAC Standings

    So unless Central blows their big lead in Kalamazoo, this is how things will end up:

    1. Buffalo 16-2
    2. Toledo 13-5
    3. BG 12-6
    4. Kent 11-7
    5. Central 10-8
    6. Eastern 9-9
    7. NIU 8-10
    8. Akron 8-10
    9. Miami 7-11
    10. Ball St. 6-12
    11. OU 6-12
    12. Western 2-16
  • Current MAC Standings

    Standings through 3/2, just 2 games left for everybody.

    1. Buffalo 14-2, clinched 1st round-bye, clinches #1 seed with a win or BG loss in either of the last 2 games, at OU, vs. BG
    2. BG 12-4, clinched 1st round bye, at Akron, at Buffalo
    3. Toledo 11-5, can clinch 1st round bye with win or Kent loss in either of the last 2 games, vs. Western, vs. Eastern
    4. Central 9-7, clinched at least a 1st round home game, owns head-to-head tiebreaker over Kent, vs. NIU, at Western
    5. Kent 9-7, clinched at least a 1st round home game, at Miami, vs. Akron
    6. Eastern 8-8, clinches 1st round home game with win in either of last 2 games, vs. Ball St., at Toledo
    7. Miami 7-9, owns tiebreaker over Akron because of 2-0 record vs. BG, vs. Kent, at OU
    8. Akron 7-9, vs. BG, at Kent
    9. Ball St. 6-10, currently owns head-to-head over NIU, at Eastern, vs. NIU
    10. NIU 6-10, at Central, at Ball St.
    11. OU 5-11, vs. Buffalo, vs. Miami
    12. Western 2-14, locked into #12, at Toledo, vs. Central

    As I see it, Miami clinches a 1st round home game with a win on Tuesday, plus an Akron loss and an NIU loss.
  • WSU

    Outside of using the old nickname from time to time, Jim Brown was fine as a color analyst. It was the play-by-play guy (Chris Collins??) who was butchering everyone's name last night. 

    I've known Coach Brown for years, too.  Classy guy.  If he used the name Redskins a few times during the broadcast, I'm good with it.  He knows more about basketball that I could ever hope to begin to understand.  Chris Collins?  He's normally right on with names.  But if you haven't seen the Miami roster until the night of the game, then yeah, there could be some mispronunciations.  

    They were also homers the entire game. Nice guy, sure, but maybe just not a good broadcaster. It was brutal to listen to.
    They're the Wright St. radio team, what do you expect?  Bake is a homer and I wouldn't expect anything else.  I thought Coach Brown criticized both teams at points during the game.  But he's going to be for Wright St. at the end.