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  • MAC football cancelled

    Anyone trying to talk about t-cell immunity and why football should happen doesn't understand what they're reading and it's so harmful. T-cell immunity doesn't guarantee you won't see the side effects we're seeing around heart and neurological issues. 55% of persons who tested positive for COVID still had metrological deficits 3 months after testing negative again. We know COVID targets ACE-2 receptors, which are found in the heart and lungs and then want athletes to come back and pretend there's no lingering damage.

    We've saw a lot of very strange issues pop up in those who had the Spanish flu and we really don't know what long term issues might come up from anyone who had come into contact with COVID. Don't forget the testes have ACE-2 receptors. Any long term potential birth defects or reproductive issues haven't had time to be researched yet.

    If someone told these athletes that there's a non-neglegible chance that they experience one or more of heart, lung, brain, or testicular issues, and if they backed out they wouldn't lose their scholarship, how many would play in the fall instead of pausing until the spring. Literally putting their balls on the line.
  • St Thomas is too good, gets kicked out of MIAC

    St. Thomas has been given approval to move straight from D3 to D1. They will be in the Pioneer League for football, the Summit League for nearly all other sports, and the WCHA for women's hockey. Men's hockey, which was always going to be the biggest problem in a move up, has yet to find a conference home. Friends of mine who went to St. Thomas say the arena will present issues getting a conference invite.
    They'll be part of the new CCHA. They've already started talks
  • When is FB back on campus?

    With the Big 14 eliminating non-conference football games which generate oodles of money, what are the odds Michigan State allows its hockey team to come to Oxford for no money in mid-October?
    They're now discussing alternatives with the MAC, so nobody knows
  • The College Athletics Dominoes are starting to fall

    This may be a naive question but have there been any hospitalizations or deaths from any of the collegiate athletes that have tested positive? There are thousands out there and I haven’t heard of any. I understand the trickle down effect to others, but it would seem that having the kids on campus and playing isn’t putting them in any more danger of hospitalization or death than the mere act of playing sport. Have we gone a little too far with this restrictive action?
    I’ve mentioned this before, but the risk for younger people isn’t the virus, it’s the long term effects on the respiratory and cardiovascular systems. Strokes, clots, and heart attacks have all been seen at a higher than average rates among younger carriers, even in those who were asymptomatic. Cardiovascular issues among folks intentionally stressing their cardiovascular system seems risky.
  • When is FB back on campus?

    Lafayette tells Navy they won’t show up for their September 12 game in Annapolis. I believe this is the first FBS game cancellation.
    Second at least. Colgate cancelled with WMU. The pioneer league is restricting all teams from flying so they're cancelling most FBS games.