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  • MAC Prospectus Power Ratings

    1-3 OOC is all but a certainty. Let's freaking go 7-1 in conference, win the MACC, and win a bowl. 10 wins. Mark it down.

    We should have some optimism with a new QB. Doesn't mean it's going to be horrible, could be great. NIU has a grad transfer QB from Cal who had over 3,000 yards in 2017 I think...they are going to be pretty tough with him I think.
    That is going to be a fun game. Miami definitely has the best secondary in the MAC on paper and potentially the best defense against what could be a solid NIU offense. NIU's defense lost a lot and will be going against our unproven offense.

    It does look like Chuck's offensive philosophy has changed a lot this year. We haven't used a real "burner" since Rokeem and have opted for tall, slow guys at both outside receiver spots. I think some of that had to do with Gus' weak arm. Sorenson is out of the slot and Thomas, Shelton, and Walker are all on the two deep, with Walker even being outside.
  • Conversation with a Hawkeye fan?

    Howdy folks. If anyone wants to talk matchup this weekend, let the questions/comments fly! Lifelong Hawkeye fan here. I'm curious what your strengths are this year.  Best regards.
    Strengths: DBs, OL, ST, LB

    Miami probably has the best starting and backup DBs, best OL, and best K/P/KR/PR in the MAC. The starting LBs are solid. McWood is a former walkon and only started one game last season, but ended up with 10 tackles when he did. I'm surprised to see Bolden in the 2 deep over Pace, the Ohio D1 Defensive Player of the Year, and Hagarty, but Bolden did enroll early. 

    Weaknesses: DL, WR

    The DL would be solid when healthy, but several will be out week one including Kimpler, who would be starting and Andrew Sharp, who plays inside and outside and might be a starter as well. The WRs are decent, but only Thomas, Walker, and Shelton are any kind of deep threat. Robinson and Mayock have great size, but Mayock is lacking a lot of speed. Robinson was a QB until he came to college and is still learning on the fly. He's a great athlete, but still hasn't gotten the finer points down.

    Question Marks: QB, RB

    Nobody knows who is playing QB and whoever starts Saturday may not be the starter next week or the final starter once conference play hits.

    Williamson: weaker arm, but doesn't make mistakes and is athletic
    Mayer: cannon of an arm, athletic, will occasionally force throws and make mistakes (as freshmen tend to do)
    Gabbert: Blaine's younger brother; great arm and athletic, but I'm not sure listing him at 6'0" is honest. True freshman.

    The running backs have all played and played well, but they were always the third and fourth option behind the two backs last year. Not sure how they'll handle being the show this season.
  • 7 schools to leave WCHA

    I've said repeatedly that I don't understand why Miami schedules non-conference games at New Hampshire, Maine and Providence when there must be closer, non-flight options. That's what people should be questioning.

    Thread winner.

    A lot of good hockey is on the east coast. Always good to get recruits an easy game to watch (as well as east coast alum). Also gives current players a chance to have their families not travel far for games. Basketball does similar things.
  • Hockey Coaching Search Thread

    Bergeron will be named Miami's next Coach.

    Here's that article:

    Click here or your liver will have a bad American Airlines experience.

    The one that was posted on page two
  • Coaching Carousel 2019

    FWIW Chinese applications are down something like 37% in the past couple years. I think that source of out-of-state, full-tuition money is going away.
    I think that's a good thing long term. International students pay full tuition now, but don't donate later. The ones at Miami also have a high transfer rate because they try to use it as a stepping stone to transfer to an Ivy League institution.