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  • Game 2: Midway (Monday 11.12.18)

    Bam's first 3 attempt hits every part of the rim and goes down. Now he thinks he's an outside shooter again...

    He's 2-4 on the season. If his feet are set, he's open, and it's in the offense, I'm completely fine with him shooting. It only makes it easier for everyone else is he needs guarded outside.

    Outside of the OSU game last season, I have bad memories of him shooting the 3. But maybe he's improved.
    He was 1-18 while hurt and worn down in February. Outside of that he was 18-48 (37.5%). Hopefully his conditioning this season let's him stay solid longer once he's healthy.
  • Game 1: Butler (Saturday 11/10/18)

    This game was the Mclane effect...with Logan, we lose by 10...

    The problem is we have no Logan. We'll see if Eli and Bam can improve as season goes on.
    Why do people think Eli is a 5? Bam and Eli don't play the same position. Ayah will play the 5 (and did) before Eli will. He's a stretch 4. Just because someone is tall doesn't make them a center.

    Bam wasn't quite ready to be back, and I think it was clear. When you miss the layups he did, it's a sign your legs are gone. Hopefully, that was good for his conditioning and he can make another jump tonight.

    Butler countered any athletic advantage we had at the 3/4 spots with an aggressively physical defense. We weren't prepared for it at all. On defense, we couldn't help like we normally would see because Butler has surrounded Baldwin with great shooters to keep the lane clear for the pick and roll with their 5.

    Brown did well offensively. Ayah didn't even look like the same player and has some mobility now. Lairy didn't quite look like a freshman. He had 3 steals and I think will be really good come conference play. I would imagine he'll drop 15-20 off the bench at least once before the season is over. Harouna looked like he's still getting back to game pace. Ringo was typical Ringo. This really looked like a team of underclassmen being outmatched physically by an older team.

    It's not time to adjust expectations after playing a team like Butler, but sadly I don't think we learn too much about where we stand until we've seen how we do in the Bahamas tourney.
  • Game 2: Midway (Monday 11.12.18)

    Midway is in its third year as a co-ed school.  Previously it was all girls.  Midway is NAIA Division II, which is I think the lowest rung of 4 year college basketball.  Last year we set a school scoring record against Midway, but this year they are off to a 3-2 start.
    It's also not the full story because the men's athletic department (including athletes) came from another university, so it isn't like this team is only 3 years old.
  • Attendance and other thoughts

    Tuesday through Thursday is the only time MAC football fills social media. ESPN, Bleacher Report, Barstool, all of them are talking MAC football. No other G5 conference has so much exposure. And it has made a difference. Bars are showing the game. Player's names are getting out. There was a period when the MAC wasn't getting consistent top draft picks. Now we'll have another top 15 pick this year. Recruiting has gone up. The conference has taken down a P5 school at least once the past 6 (I think that's the number) seasons.

    Plus, feel free to pay the extra $1,000,000 each school gets by playing on weekdays in freezing November when attendance was poor already anyway.
  • Game 1: Butler (Saturday 11/10/18)

    I would expect to see Ringo early as well. Very early. Like 10 seconds into the game if he doesn't start. Same with Nike. 
    They'll both start. They always just put up the starting lineup from the game before. They don't even list Bam or ICL as out.