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  • Hockey Coaching Search Thread

    Bergeron will be named Miami's next Coach.

    Here's that article:

    Click here or your liver will have a bad American Airlines experience.

    The one that was posted on page two
  • Coaching Carousel 2019

    FWIW Chinese applications are down something like 37% in the past couple years. I think that source of out-of-state, full-tuition money is going away.
    I think that's a good thing long term. International students pay full tuition now, but don't donate later. The ones at Miami also have a high transfer rate because they try to use it as a stepping stone to transfer to an Ivy League institution.
  • Duluth series

    Rebuild? Again? What a joke
    I don't think a single person expected this to not be a rebuilding season? Losing Meyer, Sherwood, and Belpedio? Then adding 9 new skaters (and the star didn't make it because he's busy with 36 points in 33 games in the OHL because he would've missed the first half of the season).

    Adding Matthew Barry (11 points in 13 games to lead Holy Cross, will miss first half due to transfer), Brett Murray (3rd in the USHL in scoring with 44 in 36 games and Buffalo Sabres draft pick), and Ryan Savage (19 in 33 USHL games) to just replace Melnick up front adds a lot of size and scoring options.

    On the backend, 6'3" Alec Capstick who has 26 in 43 BCHL games, 6'4" Jack Clement from the USHL, Uula Ruikka (9 in 26 USHL games), and 6'3" Matt Kessel (9 in 34 USHL games, former #7 overall USHL draft pick) to replace Hutton (who hasn't played well lately) and River.

    And I think the goalie spot will be in safe hands when Larkin leaves with Ben Kraws.

    But all of that is because of new recruiting pipelines that didn't exist before the coaching changes. What did anyone honestly expect?
  • 2019 season tickets go on sale tomorrow

    Martin can fix his career by having a couple big years . 
    A coach can get a better job by winning at their current school.
  • 2018 Cincinnati Bengals Thread

    You know if Hue Jackson is hired, he would probably hire Marvin as his d-coordinator... Let's imagine that scenario.