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  • Kent Game Thread

    Happy that we won, but sure leaves a sour taste in your mouth when you give up the shout out in the last 40 seconds, and we have a player who will have to sit out the first part of the army game next week
    I sure hope we don't need our third strong middle linebacker in the first half of the Army game. What would we do? Oh yeah, slide Koenig over again.
  • BG Game

    Certainly our DBs aren't so slow that they have to play 10 yards off the BG WR. Come on Daniels man up! And make a damn tackle. 

    If there was a turning point in this game, it came in the first quarter when Daniels was replaced by Kolkoi.

    I see that Coach Martin said that Daniels got injured on that play on the first drive of the game, so an apology to Derrick from me and I would guess Blues.  The injury explains what looked like a lack of effort on the tackle and letting the receiver get by him.
    I think autocorrect got you on Deondre. I feel bad for him. At one point he led the nation in yards allowed per target as a CB (as in least yards per times targeted). He's been dinged up and hasn't been himself.
  • Miami without "as many as nine" players for BG game

    This board seems to have injuries too. Where's JiveHawk?
    Drowning in whiskey.
  • Miami v Marshall-Miami Game Notes

    Some individuals not on the two-deep chart that have me scratching my head...

    DL - Elijah Watson

    DE - Josh Maize

    LB - Nigel Adams

    RB - Leonard Ross

    WR - Tyler Fleetwood

    and what the heck has happened to Paul Moses?

    Watson will be part of the rotation, but with Costin back inside (was stuck at DE due to injuries last season) there isn't much space. 

    Maize, same issue. There are a lot of good DEs now, and I think there will be some of the best we've had since Jones/Albright when Butler and those guys get older. Sharp was beating Maize at DE last season but they really didn't want to burn his RS.

    Adams, yeah. I really thought he'd be one of the next solid LBs, but he'll be playing outside and Koenig and Reid have had that locked down.

    Ross is no longer on the team. Injuries caught up to him. I think Davion Johnson will be the equivalent. He's bigger than Alonzo Smith but faster. He has a very good upside in the MAC.

    Fleetwood will play. I think slot is more of a 4 deep with Sorenson, Mo, Bester, and Fleetwood all rotating based on health and situation. People have underestimated Sorenson's athleticism (maybe stereotyping a bit?) but he's got good hands and can be a bigger Murphy.

    I think Paul Moses has stayed around the team in spite of injuries as an older leader. He had one too many knee injuries iirc.
  • Urban Meyer on paid administrative leave

    With Ohio State, Michigan State, Penn State, and Maryland all in the Big Ten East, perhaps the SEC divisions are no longer the most corrupt programs  in college sports

    Don't forget Illinois with Tim Beckman (fired after forcing players to play through injuries), Indiana with Kevin Wilson (same), and Kyle Flood at Rutgers (suspended and then fired after trying to get a professor to changes grades for a player).  Good work all around B1G.    

    If you throw in Indiana and Rutgers you are left with only Michigan as still running an honest program with some integrity in the Big Ten East.  Can that be right?

    I mean, it hasn't even been four years since Michigan sent a seriously and obviously concussed quarterback back into a game.

    That is a mistake by someone on the sideline, but as an isolated incident does not really signify that a program is not run with integrity.  I think it was a onetime thing, correct me if I am wrong about that.  I would guess every program makes some mistakes, but the question is do they realize it and correct it or do they cover it up and just keep repeating the mistakes.  In my mind Rutgers, Indiana, and Maryland have acknowledged the errors and made an honest effort to correct things.  You could make the point that they waited too long or let things get out of control before correcting them. That is still  much better than Penn State, Michigan State, and OSU.
    Maryland had to have an athlete die before doing anything. Durkin has been there two years and the S&C coach had been there for over three years. Oh, and Durkin was diverting football funds to hire a lawyer to represent two players accused of sexual assault: https://deadspin.com/report-turns-out-it-was-dj-durkin-who-meddled-in-that-1828600606 ;

    That's a pattern and I'd have a hard time believing it just started this year.