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  • Attendance and other thoughts

    Tuesday through Thursday is the only time MAC football fills social media. ESPN, Bleacher Report, Barstool, all of them are talking MAC football. No other G5 conference has so much exposure. And it has made a difference. Bars are showing the game. Player's names are getting out. There was a period when the MAC wasn't getting consistent top draft picks. Now we'll have another top 15 pick this year. Recruiting has gone up. The conference has taken down a P5 school at least once the past 6 (I think that's the number) seasons.

    Plus, feel free to pay the extra $1,000,000 each school gets by playing on weekdays in freezing November when attendance was poor already anyway.
  • Game 1: Butler (Saturday 11/10/18)

    I would expect to see Ringo early as well. Very early. Like 10 seconds into the game if he doesn't start. Same with Nike. 
    They'll both start. They always just put up the starting lineup from the game before. They don't even list Bam or ICL as out.
  • Ohio University must be destroyed

    Would love tor ruin OU's MACC title hopes. They haven't won in what, 50 years, I want that to continue

    Playing "spolier" is what losers play for. I want to play for a TITLE.

    So what do you do when you are eliminated from that title?  Just quit??
    You don't suck and get eliminated. You don't let WMU throw all over you and refuse to play another CB (who made OU look silly). You don't whine that your QB had an amazing game when he missed 3 open touchdowns against Buffalo. You don't play the same CB against Johnson. You don't let your foot off their throat when you get the lead. 

    For OOC, you make adjustments against Army and win it in regulation. We did the same thing until halfway through the third. If Chuck wasn't so up his own ass, he might've seen his original gameplan wasn't working. Marshall hasn't beaten a team with a winning record. They only scored more points against 2-7 Old Dominion because we didn't make adjustments.

    We have beaten teams solely because we have superior talent, in spite of our terrible coaching. This team would easily be 7-3, at worst, with a decent coach. 9-1 wouldn't be out of the question.
  • Fire Chuck Martin

    Crabtree has been a great long snapper. Not sure wtf happened on this one, but he’s been great in his career
    Yeah. In the three years he's been snapping for us, that's the first bad snap I can remember. He's about as automatic as they come. I'll take one bad snap in three years any day of the week.
  • All-Indiana Basketball Team

    The Indy Star released their top college basketball players from Indiana for this season. Miami has 2 on the list plus another as an honorable mention: https://www.indystar.com/story/sports/college/2018/10/23/best-players-indiana-playing-college-basketball-2018-romeo-langford-kris-wilkes-kyle-guy/1694792002/?fbclid=IwAR2Lnv9XQUrh7qelbqgDHePRkjaAnLuorf7w0LoeuGTHy46S8-j0pQCZlNA