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  • KJ Hancock

    Where did Huff go? He had several Big-10 offers.
    Last I heard, it was attitude issues. Not sure how voluntary it really was for him. Watching him in practice was miserable.
  • Meyer transferring, blames coaching

    As excuses go, "it was hard to focus on being a good teammate when I still needed to shit out a twenty-five inch tapeworm" is a pretty decent one.

    I'm sure Rico has a side to this story, but the overall drip-drip out of Oxford suggests a program in decline and a "Brotherhood" that works great as long as the team is winning.  

    Blasi was contacted for a comment and declined. This is an issue the program should've gotten in front of.

    Nothing they say will look good. "Meyer played poorly, didn't seem to be cooperating with treatments, and was falling asleep in practice." "We didn't believe Meyer was sick because every test came up negative. So we told him to suck it up." "Meyer ate raw fish, pork, or ate ass and got a parasite that you hardly see in first world countries, so we didn't have a protocol on how to handle it."

    Seriously, what would you say other than, we wish him luck in his future endeavors?

    "We realize Carson has gone through a very difficult time, and we wish him nothing but success in the future. However, we disagree with his comments regarding the program. Our job is to mold our student-athletes into the best hockey players and the best men they can be during their time at Miami, and we feel we made every effort to do that in Carson's case." 

    Something generic like that.

    PR spin > saying nothing.

    Maybe he didn't know the story would be so damning?

    That said, he's not a medical professional so he doesn't have to defend that, and if I was him I wouldn't touch that aspect of it with a 10-foot hockey stick. 


    He made a statement. Happy now?
  • Spring practice and showcase

    I was there for a bit because my daughter had a junior day and i made her go for a couple minutes. It was held indoors which i thought was very odd and not condusive to getting a good look. Also while they did some plays there were a lot of practice type reps too. Like wr vs db routes where the dbs grabbed like crazy. They had some kicking fg practice. It just wasnt a game
    It hasn't been a spring game since Chuck came. It's always been an extra practice where they do team scrimmages every 15-20 minutes for 10 minutes at a time. As for DBs grabbing, they have NCAA officials there prepping and giving advice to players on what is and isn't allowed. So my guess is it looks more physical being that close since it's actually officiated.
  • Bye Bye ESPN3

    So I was pissed at first, but then I thought about it a little more. The point of apps is to be able to play what is being shown on your TV at that time for when you are not at home, maybe traveling for work. ESPN3 has hundreds of games that aren't on their regular TV, so it's actually shocking to me that it's been free. These are "extra" games, that aren't on regular broadcast, so why should it be free?
    It's not free though. Cable companies pay extra to ESPN to allow their subscribers to have access to ESPN3.

    We still don't know if the MAC is moving on ESPN+ or staying on ESPN3.
  • Jake Wright

    I feel bad for Jake because I still remember that he stepped up and stated right after the new staff was hired that he was not going anywhere when there were questions about who would stay. He said, in effect, that he was a Miami lifer.

    I hope things work out for him whatever he decides is his next step.
    I don't think he's being pushed out. He just got engaged and his fiance is graduating. I'm assuming he's trying to go to a school close to where she gets a job.