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  • Miami Coaching Salaries

    Blasi was here 20 years and made less than Owens. Surprising
    I wouldn't say surprising. Michigan's head hockey coach makes $400k and is one of the highest paid in all of college hockey. Rico was right up near the top. Jerry York has 5 titles and is the all time wins leader makes $600k/year on average (his contract had a lot of deferred money, so last year he made $1.25mil).
  • Hockey Coaching Search Thread


    College Hockey News also reporting Bergeron to Miami. They expect Schutte to return with him - 'along with staff member Jimmy Spratt'...

    Spratt is a former BG goalie who is currently their director of operations. Clearly one current assistant is out with Schutte's arrival. Is Spratt also coming as an assistant (leaving his own alma mater for a promotion) or will he be director of ops here at Miami? That's a key question and it will be interesting to see how that plays out...

    Hopefully Mannino

    We have an uncanny ability to singularly focus on one candidate for jobs that should have multiple candidates.

    This is a bad take. Mannino has put together one of the best recruiting classes Miami has had while coaching Larkin to his best season in spite of some questionable play in front of him. Mannino tried out, succeeded, keeping him keeps the recruiting momentum, anyone else would set the program back 3 years.

    The article stated that Miami really didn't reach out past Bergeron. Having your guy in mind, is fine, but it would have benefitted Miami to see who else may have fitted as well, be that Mannino or whomever else.
    This isn't like Sayler just decided to fire a coach who's been here 20 years. I'm sure he had a list. If you get the guy at the top of your list, why interview 19 other coaches just to be Brad Bates and say, "we talked to 37 coaches, 472 University presidents, 8 senators, 90 CEOs, and 17 astronauts to bring you Treadwell."
  • Nike putting name in for the NBA draft

    *to get an evaluation.

    I like that the NBA does this now. It allows athletes to figure out where their game is weak and strengthen it up during college. It prevents what we see in football where guys leave early, don't get drafted, and have no way back.
  • Hockey Coaching Search Thread

    Guess now time to speculate on the assistants
    I was about to say... I think this is way more important when it comes to recruiting. The HC typically spends so much time head down and doing admin work that recruiting is handled a lot more by assistants and connections in hockey. I actually hope Mannino stays after what he did with Larkin and on the recruiting trail. Bergeron has shown an ability to get the most out of the guys on the ice.
  • Hockey Coaching Search Thread

    I don't see how replacing Blasi with one of his former assistants who has had only a small fraction of Blasi's success is somehow a major improvement for the program. Everyone seems to be blinded by "Miami Man" syndrome. Bergeron is a fine coach, but 1 Ncaa tourney appearance in 10 years is hardly the measure of success I was hoping to see in our next head coach. I'd like Sayler to set his sights much higher.
    2 conference championship appearances in 3 years. Never not made it to at least the semifinals. After he took over a 5 win team and built his own, has never had less than 20 wins. 2-0-1 against NCHC teams this season with the OTL against #2 Duluth. And all that while having to recruit to BG. If Mannino sticks around, I think there's a good chance a turnaround happens in under 2 years.