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  • The College Athletics Dominoes are starting to fall

    2-26-6 last year. 8-28-2 the previous year.

    I saw them in action vs. BG. They are far better than that record. They were giving BG all they could handle on a Saturday night. 

    And it's dangerous to judge cutting a program based on record.
  • The College Athletics Dominoes are starting to fall

    Have to wonder if that floor will be changed in the near future.
    That was the basis of the waiver that was already denied. I would imagine CMU is applying for the individual waiver, but that will only keep them FBS for so long unless something changes.
  • Darlow Article from the Athletic

    Doesn't this go hand in glove with the new rule allowing student athletes to gain financially from their image. I.E. here at Miami University this is what is available to enhance your image, vis-a-vis your pocket book.
    It does. That was part of the reasoning behind it. If Miami can give you the ability to profit beyond another school, it definitely helps recruiting.
  • Is it really that difficult to get in?

    Even before the pandemic, Miami faced a difficult financial reality that impacted acceptance numbers.  Constantly decreasing state revenue and a paltry endowment (relative to comparable schools) has forced Miami to find ways to boost revenue.  One way was through the implementation of the J-term.  Another is through increased admissions numbers.  Miami's 74.6% acceptance rate is now less selective than Ohio State (Columbus campus), Youngstown State, Akron, Bowling Green, and Cincinnati.  This results in the worst yield (17.5%) of any Ohio public university.

    With regard to "opening the floodgates on admissions", it looks like most schools did that this year.  I was amazed to watch my son's classmates change their college selections after receiving wait list acceptances.  Many students who initially planned to go to Ohio State changed to Ivy League schools, Vanderbilt, Michigan, Cal, etc.
    Where are you getting your numbers from. Akron has an acceptance rate of 93%. The state of Ohio requires anyone accepted to one state university to be granted acceptance to all, with the exception of Miami, Ohio State, and certain colleges at Cincy and OU. 
  • Nike Sibande Transferring (Once Likely, Now Definitely)

    When are we going to start finding recruits that actually want to be here? 

    We've lost less kids to transfer than almost every other school in the conference and we've actually been fairly lucky compared to the national average.