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  • Chuck doesn’t need help

    That's a new track and field event.
    Someone should make a mat, where you can jump...

  • 2019 MAC Tournament

    Poor taste with us not knowing his full condition.
  • 2018-19 Columbus Blue Jackets Thread

    Can’t win if you can’t score. Team has a serious lack of offense. That’s why I’m confused as to why he started 7 defensemen the other night.

    Disappointing end to the season. Up 2-1 in the series to lose 3 in a row, with two of them being at home. Looked outstanding in games 1-3 and then something changed. The better team won the series. Fun year with a very bad ending.

    Unfortunately agree. No idea how you can't solve Rask but we couldn't so it's over. It sucks for the sport because more teams should "go for it" like we did instead of hedging on future assets that likely won't pan out.

    Now begins the incredibly annoying summer of free agency. Duchene needs to be priority #1-100.

    Remember if you resign Duschene you lose another #1 pick.

    A #1 Center is worth it.
    A Duchene is a Duchene, but a first round pick could be anything. It could even be a Duchene.

    Fans overvalue picks so much.
  • Stanley Cup Playoffs

    Out of curiosity... Do hockey fans actually enjoy all of these upsets in the first round?
    Never before have both 8 seeds advanced and all four wild card made it this year. Most fans are enjoying it because:
    - Tampa fans were obnoxious all year about how no other teams had a chance at the cup and how they'd sweep CBJ
    - Calgary has some douches for stars
    - Washington got their cup last season
    - Nashville fans are bad. They trash talk everyone else while simultaneously knowing nothing about hockey.

    I think most fans are excited to see some fresh teams make it. Playoff hockey is a different beast with practically different rules, so it's expected that upsets happen.
  • Miami Coaching Salaries

    Blasi was here 20 years and made less than Owens. Surprising
    I wouldn't say surprising. Michigan's head hockey coach makes $400k and is one of the highest paid in all of college hockey. Rico was right up near the top. Jerry York has 5 titles and is the all time wins leader makes $600k/year on average (his contract had a lot of deferred money, so last year he made $1.25mil).