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  • 2019-20 Non-Conference Schedule

    I miss when Miami played a hard OOC schedule and even won at times. 
    And that got us:
    0 at large bids
    A bad record
    Decreased fan support
    But some great paydays
  • MAC Coaches Talk Anonymously About Conference Foes

    "That scheme is really good, and they execute it well. But they get really tight in close games, like they're overthinking it.”

    The above was a comment about Miami. Does Miami really "overthink" or "fail to think?" And I'm suggesting this refers to the coaching level.
    We've all seen it. Game gets tight and we try to get cute. Prevent offense. 9 linemen brought in when we need to gain 1 yard.

    Everyone loves talking about the OU game lately, so 28-7 at halftime. We come out and Chuck instantly starts trying to kill clock with 2 quarters left instead of just doing what got us to 28. The offensive coordinators panic badly.
  • Sorenson Fan Club

    He actually played QB his first year at Miami and then moved over to receiver. I say play, he never saw action, I think it was more of they needed an extra body at the position.
    Sure you aren't thinking about Dom? Sorenson was a WR from the start and even Chuck made jokes about him not being a true QB on signing day.
  • Sorenson Fan Club

    Sorenson's story is great. He came in with a class full of receivers. Stori Emerson, DeAndre Huff, KJ Hancock, and Tyler Fleetwood. Sorenson was the lowest rated because he had to play quarterback his senior season. He's really picked up. He's fast, runs great routes, and doesn't drop much. I thought losing Murphy would be a huge blow, but Sorenson might be just as good with better size.
  • 7 schools to leave WCHA

    I've said repeatedly that I don't understand why Miami schedules non-conference games at New Hampshire, Maine and Providence when there must be closer, non-flight options. That's what people should be questioning.

    Thread winner.

    A lot of good hockey is on the east coast. Always good to get recruits an easy game to watch (as well as east coast alum). Also gives current players a chance to have their families not travel far for games. Basketball does similar things.