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  • 2021 Football Recruiting Thread

    Is Dapore committed to Miami?

    Currently, no. Miami is going after two of the top kickers in the US. The other kicker is currently at Covington Catholic (AJ Meyer, Kam Butler, Jack Coldiron). I would imagine it's going to be hard for anyone currently on the team to beat out Dom Dzioban at kicker or punter.
    Yeah that is what Wally Pipp thought!! 

    As long as we don't have a Roberto Aguayo situation. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KGllF0LAOeA that's a lot of leg. And he went 18/20 on the season. If he gets beat out, it means we have a pretty solid kicker.
  • Darlow Article from the Athletic

    Can we stop telling people what they should tweet or shouldn't tweet (or post/not post) based on how it may help or hurt recruiting? 

    We are fans, not employees of the university. So long as no one is being malicious, expressing opinions is at the very root of fandom. Stifling that seems... silly.
    I think we can all agree social media has changed communication. When you start replying to administrators, you become part of a collective voice. Here's where that's scary: Alex becomes a representative of Miami fans. Are we going to stand for that?
  • Chuck

  • Miami FB Social Media-Excellent

    I just hope we aren't incurring the wrath of the Woofing Gods, because there have been a ton of tweets about champions this and that. 
    You mean the champions are talking about being the champions of the season they just played to become champions? And we haven't even started the 2020 season?
  • Eli Manning Retires

    I mean, if he's a cop, he deserves to be called out.
    Careful, you'll get private messages with your address, place of employment, and phone number threatening to warn the police of every city you step foot in.