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  • Lending Tree Bowl Roll Call

    Me + 1, 2, or 3.
  • Brandon Peters (Michigan QB Transfer)

    To Noah's defense, he played well in D3 until injury and he left because he didn't want to play FBS. He played well in the game he was thrown into at Miami too, but the oline killed him. Politics (government, not team) might've played a factor too.

  • MAC and the 2019 NFL Draft

    James Gardner?

    Should be training for his senior season

    Is he allowed to? After declaring for the NFL draft? I can only imagine how dominant Gardner and Jackson would be during their senior years.

    Jackson? The QB? He's a RS Fr that hasn't separated from Mayer.

    Guessing Tyree Jackson who signed a free agent deal with the Bills...
    That would make more sense. I was really confused how Williamson and Gardner could have senior seasons together. But Tyree and Gardner would really tear up the MAC this season. It's a shame that they're hardly getting a look elsewhere now. Gardner running an absurdly low 40 time seems to have killed all his buzz.
  • CHN reporter hearing news that Rico's staff is out

    Rico meeting with Sayler and others today per Aaron Portzline.
  • Nike-Helping Us or Hurting Us?

    Here's the reality.  This is a very young team and I didn't expect Miami to win the MAC this season.  I look at this season as one to learn and grow. 

    I want Miami to win games but the question is would I rather have Harouna/Milos on the court helping Miami win our would I like to see guys like Nike learn on the job while risk losing games. 
    Does it help if the players aren't held accountable and develop or continue to nurture bad habits? And are these really "struggles" as some have suggested or an unwillingness to learn or take coaching? I don't know. I'm not that smart. Just throwing out a question to those much smarter. 

    Do we know for sure players aren't being held accountable? As JCook said, Nike really isn't playing as bad as it looks. Owens could be going through a lot in film and trying to get them to work on different things. The last few games I've seen Nike drive to his left more than he did all last season.

    On the other hand, Ringo looks like he's dipped. Haurona is struggling anytime he has the ball near him.

    I thought this year would be a learning year and I though losing Ringo would give Lairy and White a chance to learn in the fire. Lairy has played well and I think Curry will be a huge addition.

    When we have Abrams and Haurona on the court, the defense only has to guard 3 players and it shows. I don't think teams can do that next season.

    Regarding Abrams, you are right. But at least he does a decent job defensively. He is one of the few in this team who looks 'hungry' and willing to put in the effort. Look at Brown and Sibande when they play defense. It just is embarrassing

    This is a questionable take and there's not a single stat that supports it. Nike and Brown are tied for the second highest defensive win share and have some of the highest dreb totals and percentages, a big indictor of defensive effort.