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  • Logan Speyer Transferring

    What a strange article. Kobe (not Noah) Burse and Adams were coming in on defense from the start.

    Stori made some poor choices and went from a highly rated WR to playing at Marian to not playing at all.

    Wezensky started the first four games for Hanover before what seems like an injury took him out. He played well. He transferred after telling the staff he didn't want to put the effort into playing FBS football, so I think he's getting the best of both worlds at Hanover.

    I had high hopes for Adams. Super athletic, just a bit on the short side for a MLB. Burse will probably be one of the safeties getting playing time this year, so 25% hit rate on that article.
  • Ohio University must be destroyed

    The play calling the last two drives destroyed me...why were we doing a bunch formation when Smith was able to run when we were spread a bit? I was totally confused on switching formations there.

    We needed to make the game closer....that's our style.

    Chuck wanted to improve his record in one possession games.

    All y'all are being way too bitchy to each other.  Settle down.

    I agree. 

    Except @JiveHawk

    F U, @JiveHawk.
    Yeah. F U
    All y'all are being way too bitchy to each other.  Settle down.

    Stranger things have happened, but I'd be stunned if any move is made on the coaching staff before the end of the season. There's nothing to be gained by that other than some psychic satisfaction for some portion of the thousand of us who still care about Miami football, and at the margin it would make the job look even a little less attractive for the next guy.  
    I think your word replace put thousands in place of dozens.
  • Preview of the UC game

    good write up. I'd include Robinson and Gentry-Madaris in the WRs and Raymond as replacing Heath.
  • iPhone YouTube Question...

    This doesn’t really answer your questions, but if you’re in the apple universe, get an Apple Music subscription. It’s worth every penny.
    Spotify. I will fight you until I die on this.