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  • Too soft against OU

    The entire team, from the HC to the players (with maybe the exception of Lairy and Grant), is too soft. You shouldn’t have to tell a veteran team to box out. That is what ultimately cost us the game (and please spare us the point shaving nonsense). This was a rivalry game, and I didn’t see our guys showing any heart last night against OU.

    I can see why Owens was a good assistant coach...he’s very positive, he cares for his players, and takes full responsibility for his players not executing, which is admirable. But often times the HC needs to be the hammer. I just don’t see that in him, especially based on his post game interview when he was talking that the guys did a lot of things well. After 19 loses with the last being against OU, he should be disgusted (like many on this board). And talk of good play should be off the table. It’s the results that matter at this point in the season.

    We’re 0-9 in away games in the MAC, and I don’t see that trend changing next week against Buffalo. Given the current players we have returning and the ones we’ve recruited, I‘m not optimistic we’ll improve much next year.
  • Miami vs. Ohio A&M: Game Thread

    I never in my life imagined seeing ANY Miami football team give up 70 points. Chuck has taken us from dispair to almost mediocrity and back to dispair in less than 6 seasons.
    But “the rebuild is complete”.

    A complete dumpster fire.
  • Curry going Juco

    This is not good.
  • 2019 C Eric Rustin (Tenn. Martin Commit)

  • Chuck Martin will be fired at the end of this season

    I think we are too banged up to beat either Buffalo or Northern Illinois (both undefeated in conf play), and what yanks wrote in the title of this thread is correct. Non-Conference play matters. 0-17 is embarrassing. What he will be fired for is his overall record (19-38 as it stands now).

    And recruiting will be fine. To think there will be a mass exodus with no kids to sign is absurd. This happens every year in college football. A few will not commit, but a few others will follow the new coach to Miami, so it will come out even in the end. I don’t think a mid-season firing would happen, but getting someone in ASAP will help recruiting.

    I don’t particularly like the fact Martin will be fired as many additional coaches will lose their livelihoods. I don’t think he is a fraud or any other of the vitriol that has been spewed on the board. He simply can’t win close games. 0-17 is a glaring indicator for a program historically known to be giant killers. Change is needed.