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  • Miami vs. Louisiana Game Thread

    Our defense is a joke.

    You are a joke
    And you’re a douche bag. What else is new?
  • Prediction Monday - Miami vs BG

    Good Guys 20
    Pumpkin Kids 3
    I also predict CM says something that reinforces my opinion he's an arrogant prick.
  • Game Notes for Wright State

    I guess the only surprise is Eli starting.

    Me too.  Last year he shot 29% from the field (2nd lowest on the team), 18% from 3 pt range (lowest on team), and had only 1.1 rpg (even behind the Abrams).

    He's not in there to score....
    Or rebound either apparently.
  • State of the AD

    David SaylEr has been great at raising dollars from big donors, mainly for infrastructure enhancements. He’s been working very hard on something for Millett, but the big donors (specifically Wally and Bluesman) have not stepped up. It takes $$$ to get these projects off the ground, and he’s found it for other teams/facilities.

    The world of Athletics has increasingly moved toward the fundraising side. He’s good at this. But, our disappointing results in the Big 3 is probably why he’s still at Miami. Look at his track record...he’s a ladder climber. Reese and Jacoby trophies every year won’t make up for our football, hoops and hockey failures. He did what he had to do with Rico and I think Berg is great (but the league is so hard). It’s time for Jack Owens to step up. The next month will decide the Martin situation. His tenure will ultimately be judged on how those coaches and programs do the next 3-4 years. If Martin falters, the next hire is HUGE for Sayler. We would have to see an immediate turnaround.
    Why should donors give dollars for infrastructure when Sayler can't fill seats?  Sayler can't even get legacy season ticket holders to renew their season tickets.  I wouldn't mind a "ladder climber" if he was able to turn either the basketball or football programs around before he took off.  I agree with you in that Reese trophies don't mean anything when you're 0-20 against FBS teams.
  • Game in Houston, TX

    Miami wins 5-2!  Go Redhawks!!!