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  • 2021 Football Recruiting Thread

    I hope I am wrong but I am pretty sure our TE commit James Carnie from Firth, NEB, is now going to Nebraska. Sure seems that way from his twitter page. Big hit if true. Kid is a great TE prospect. 

    Hmm yeah doesn't look good. Not sure if he's actually received an offer yet, but it seems like it could be imminent.

    Quote from James at a recent prospect camp:

    "“I love Miami of Ohio and committed there right now...
    “...Committed there right now.” I think his parents should explain to him what the word committed means. I don’t begrudge the kid whatsoever for wanting to wait for an offer from his dream school (or any school bigger than Miami for that matter). However don’t take a scholarship from someone who really wants to be there. I know this happens ALL the time but it doesn’t make it right.
  • Phil Steele Preseason All MAC-Offense and Defense

    Disappointed in Phil Steele. By all other accounts (PFF, ESPN, etc) Sterling Weatherford is consistently named one of the best DBs in the country and in G5.
    He was just named to the Bednarik Watch List. 

    So glad to see Weatherford on the Bednarik Watch List. He has been somewhat of an underrated player IMO (at least up until now). He has a great nose for the ball and seems to consistently make big plays whenever he is on the field. Well deserved.

  • Elijah Watson Update

    Why are you guys still talking about this guy??? Move on.
  • 2020 PG Bryson Tatum (MIAMI COMMIT)

    He’s gotta be a PWO right?

    Gotta be. No reason to rake JO over the coals because a walk-on decided to make a big song and dance of his commitment. 
    According to The News Gazette:
    “...the 2020 Urbana graduate will join the RedHawks men’s basketball program later this year on scholarship.”
  • Too soft against OU

    My semi-informed theory is that the coaching staff is hellbent on implementing a specific system, but they went out and recruited the best possible players they could get rather than players who would fit that system.

    Our offensive coordinator is a long-time Greg McDermott assistant, and that's more or less the type of offense we run. We play with 4+ guys on the perimeter and jack up a ton of threes. We're 47th in the country in 3 pointers attempted per game. The issue is that we aren't good enough at shooting threes to make that work. Among players who get regular minutes, our best 3 pointer shooter only makes 36.1% of them. Close to a fifth of our threes this season were shot by players who make them at less than 30%. That's not a recipe for success.

    On defense we play man to man, but we have so little size that there are matchup problems all over the place. We've gotten torched when we've gone up against talented big men like Love from Wright State. The starting lineup we've been using over the past few games has 4 players 6'4 or under, and we've given extended minutes to lineups where our tallest player is 6'6. We've had games where 5'8 (and not especially good defensively) Mekhi Lairy has been having to defend one on one against players like Eugene German. That's just not going to work.

    I know the coaching staff had a lot of roster spots to fill in a short amount of time with limited options available when they were first hired. When you look at the talent they were able to bring in and/or retain, it's kind of incredible. Sibande, Adaway, Ringo, Brown, Lairy, Grant, and even McNamara have/had the talent or potential to be all-conference. But it feels like most of those guys don't really fit with the style of play Owens and co are trying to implement. That both hurts performance and I think limits the ability of those players to realize their potential. A sign of good coaching is being able to adapt to the players you have (rather than the players you wish you had) and I haven't really seen that from this coaching staff.
    Uggh...You had me until the McNamara inclusion all conference. His stats: 22% from 3pt range, 2.7 boards, 4.6 ppg, 42% from the line. He’s mediocre at best.