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  • Hockey Coaching Search Thread

    It is unique to me that in almost all soorts the BG and Miami job would be viewed similarly but in hockey we can steal their coach? I guess it helps that he is an alum too

    More than doubling his salary helps a bit, too.
    Thats the part that is hard to believe.
  • Coaching Carousel 2019

    What job does Oats take?

    None.  Given he hasn't actively floated his name out there, I think schools watch him next year to see what he does after losing 80% of his scoring from the senior class and make sure he's not another Keno Davis at Drake situation.
    I am going to disagree a bit on this. Keno Davis coached one year at Drake. This is Nate Oats 4th year at Buffalo and he has been to the tournament 3 times. Secondly, I read Oats already turned down the UNLV job and he got a serious raise at UB. Finally, I think Keno Davis is a pretty good coach. I think CMU is a hard basketball job and CMU has competed well under him
  • Nike Sibande Transferring (Likely)

    I think it was mostly one poster who was non-stop critical of Nike. Most others had mixed reviews and appreciated the talent
  • MAC Womens Tournament

    I would think we woukd be an NIT lock. Dont they give 64 bids to the womens NIT
  • Rico receives reprimand from NCHC

    You mean he wasn't reprimanded for dragging down the Pairwise for the entire league?  I guess I should read the article.  
    While this is funny we actually did well for the league in that our non conference was ok. It is best for the NCHC if there are a couple of awful conference records for getting as many teams in the field as possible. Better to have two terrible teams than six teams slightly below .500