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  • The Sky is Falling

    I like Coach Owens a lot.   I went to the father-son basketball camp two years ago and it was great.  Coach Rutter really gave some great pointers to my son about shooting.  I really want this to work out but he have some problems.

    1) The roster has way too many guards and not enough big guys.  Bowman's injury is a absolute killer-but why get a junior college two guard- when you could have tried for another big guy?   Too many of the same player on the bench.

    2) There seems to be limited player development so far.   I thought Bowman was better as a JR than a SO- but obviously he is a shell of himself this year with the injury.  I thought Adaway's best game was his first he ever played.  I thought Ringo was better as a junior than a senior.  Nike has gotten a little better.  Who has gotten way better?

    3) Recruiting at Miami has not gone as well since year 1.   The first class of Nike, Adaway, Brown (really a Cooper guy), Bowman, Ringo and ICL was really good.  But the follow up classes without the Purdue connection ...I am concerned about.  I probably like Lairy and Grant the best...but those are small guards to play together.  Too many guys that didn't qualify last year.  

    4) I can't remember a time where we stopped something that was working for the other team and/or when we created something for us.  I am sure it has happened but with a significant recency bias last night.  We never figured out how to get Nike open for a shot.   Nike only had 7 shots for us.  Walton had 20 shots for them (plus 8 free throws).  How were they able to take our best player out of the game and we unable to ever stop Walton.  We had Milos guarding Walton for some of the game.  

  • Mediocrity-The New Status Quo?

    You seemed to pick and choose your outrage by year to suit your argument but under Sayler

    * Football has clearly and significantly improved and we are playing in the MAC title game Saturday. The OOC record has to get better but this year we had little chance with 3 road games vs top 20 teams

    * Mens basketball is not going well - jury is very much out on this group- year 3 and we are seeing regression. Still an improvement over Cooper which is who was here before

    * Hockey? When would you have fired Rico? Dont you think Bergeron is a good choice? The end of the CCHA wasnt good for us but was that Sayler’s fault

    * womens basketball made a huge upgrade when he replaced Maria with Duffy. Duffy has two great years and then she unexpectedly bolts for Marquette. Personally I am surprised that nobody seems to blame her. It does appear that Sayler and team were caught off guard by it but the resume of the new coach is good.

    In my opinion football and womens basketball have upgraded since Sayler took over. I think hockey is on the right track. Mens basketball is the question mark

    I do agree that Miami fan apathy is at a record level and that is something that could be a big threat going forward. I cant imagine anyone had fun going to the bball game last night
  • Norsemen and Firecrackers on the same night!

    Really a pathetic uninspired undisciplined display by Miami.
    Really a pathetic uninspired undisciplined display by Miami.
    Until the middle of the second half I thought we tried hard. We just arent good enough. We dont get easy shots. We cant make open threes. We dont have any capable big men.

    We just arent very good and we have wasted so many scholarships on the same type of player - some 6 foot guard from Indiana- so there is really no hope for this year or next year
  • Norsemen and Firecrackers on the same night!

    We just arent good enough. I thought we tried hard but our only big guy that can really play is hurt and got out of shape.

    Our guards are small but not super quick and we dont seem to be making threes

    Milos, Eli and Precious all got great passes underneath but they arent talented enough to finish

    Maybe the second half will be better
  • Miami @ Ball State Game Thread

    This is two straight weeks of absolute dog crap

    And we lost the 4th quarter again 21-0 and we were absolutely dominated.  Always some excuse - but the fact is when you are 0-10-2 in 4th quarters it needs to be addressed. 

    Can you believe that Coach Martin said that we had 3 good options at QB this year?  He would have been fired in October if #2 was our QB this year.  First Billy Bahl and then this- I mean how can this guys watch practice every day for years and think these QBs are capable. So we can have two arguments on his play either 1) Williamson can't play or 2) Williamson can play but it was his first real experience - which then goes back to my point earlier about why don't we call real plays when Williamson played in the BG and Tenn Tech games. 

    The end of the half was so ridiculous- I would have loved to have tried to get another FG with 31 seconds and 3 timeouts- we could have run 5 plays and then a FG.  Instead we run a RB/QB read option and our QB gets hurt.  That has to be one the dumbest call in the history of college football.  If you are going to be conservative and run out the clock then take a knee.  If you are going for it- then throw the ball down the field.  

    I listened to Coach Martin say all the right things on this week's press conference about trying to win games- about how Mike Brown wasn't going to come out- yada yada yada- and then we quit for this second half- because winning the MAC title is the only thing we care about????

    Seriously- I don't want to go 7-7 or 8-6-  I thought we could win 10 games this year after BG.  I want have a program that makes me excited about the games not I hope we can win 20-17.   I want to get votes for the top 25 like we used to.  I want to be good- not the luckiest of 10 evenly matched teams in a 12 team conference.  I mean we played well with Kent and Ohio and then blew out BG and I was getting excited- and we have played like one of the worst teams in the conference - like Coach Martin 2nd year bad -  for two weeks in a row.  We almost gave up 600 yards today.  We got out-gained by 300 yards!!!!  Last week we beat Akron by 3 points- Ohio beat them by 49 this week.