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  • MAC Championship Game Day Thread—Miami v. CMU

    Miami 9 CMU 7 in the 4th quarter!
  • Who is going Saturday?

    I think Miami has done a lot to try and get people to go this week

    When I think back over the years with Miami football there have been very few times when I was pleasantly surprised with our support/ where our support vastly exceeded my expectations

    1) The 1997 Marshall game.
    2) some BG homecoming game in the late 90s
    3) the Northwestern game in 2003
    4) the first espn2 game with BG in 2003
    5) Buffalo home game in maybe 2005- the only time I think the new student side was ever packed

    I feel like the student side was pretty packed in 2017 vs. UC (puke), but that's also just the most packed I've ever seen it...
    UC looked real nice on TV on the student side- but at the Buffalo game in 2005 there were no available seats on the student side.  If my memory is correct at that time Miami's team was on that side of the stadium (some stupid MAC rule at the time to stop student rowdiness if you can believe it)
  • Bosse to Retire Mekhi Lairy's Jersey

    Quite an honor for Mekhi Lairy, as on Friday night, his high school, Bosse, will retire his jersey. Miami's entire team and coaching staff will be there!! Congrats Mekhi!!

    That is really neat that Miami's team is going to come with him.  
  • Mediocrity-The New Status Quo?

    I think Coach Martin was a good hire. It hasnt been great but good and I expect it to be better going forward. He has done and said a lot of dumb things but I would say it is heading in the right direction.
  • Who is going Saturday?

    CMU sold out their allotment and Miami is close to selling out of theirs.  It appears each team was allotted around 2500 tickets.
    Wow is that right. Where did you see that? That is good news