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  • The Law of Unintended Consequences and the end of the UC rivalry in football.

    I agree with Swoop.  Miami is no longer competitive with Cincinnati in Football.  It is no longer competitive with X and UD in basketball.  Those rivalries are gone. 

    I agree we are not competitive with Xavier and UC in basketball.  We haven't been competitive with Dayton in basketball.  Those rivalries are already gone.

    I do not agree with the football doom and gloom with UC.  UC is probably at a higher level - but in our massive losing streak they were in a BCS conference for many of those years.  Since they were relegated to the AAC (arguably an in between the P5 and G5) we have been very competitive- we just haven't won.  Everyone knows we should have won in 2017.  I think we probably should have won in 2015 (the 33-30 game).  Last year was a ridiculous rain storm and our QB couldn't grip the ball properly.  Remember we haven't won any non-conference games under Chuck Martin- not just UC.  I would hate to give up that rivalry and replace with more games with UMass and/or Liberty.  
  • Women's World Cup

    isnt AO’s concern the celebrations not the score?
  • Miami Earns Both Reese and Jacoby Awards

    I’d be a whole lot more excited about this if it had been less than 8 years since we’ve seen winning season in football/mens basketball.

    10 years for MBB without a winning record, and 1 winning season in the last 13 in football
    For this award football did very well since it is MAC only.
  • Nike putting name in for the NBA draft

    I just a tweet from Miami basketball confirming he is coming back. Great news
  • WBB HC Search

    Frank Goldsberry has left Miami and is now an assistant coach for the Loyola Ramblers. Guy is a legend in the Dayton area.
    Did you really think the new coach was going to keep Megan Duffy’s high school coach? And why didnt Megan take him to Marquette if he was willing to move?