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  • What if not Miami

    I applied to Miami and Ohio State in the late 1980’s. I only really considered Miami but i probably would have been happy at tOSU. My daughter starts on Oxford this fall.
  • Megan Duffy to Marquette

    I mean that is pretty bullshit. She was here for two (or three?) years, and signed an extension. No commitment to Miami at all.
    My original reaction was similar but then i thought about it and understood a bit. But I am surprised that you feel this was Spanks. Arent you the one that thinks it is perfectly fine for schools to pull committed offers two days before signing day?
  • Darrian Ringo - Arrested

    Ugh-  that would explain a lot.  The team was in total chaos by the end of the year it seems - with Adaway on his way out- Nike dreaming of the NBA- Lairy hurt back and the above on Ringo
  • Hockey Coaching Search Thread

    It is unique to me that in almost all soorts the BG and Miami job would be viewed similarly but in hockey we can steal their coach? I guess it helps that he is an alum too

    More than doubling his salary helps a bit, too.
    Thats the part that is hard to believe.
  • Lipscomb-NC State

    That was maybe the best game I've watched all season. Lipscomb is so much fun to watch.

    They went 25-7, they had a laundry list of decent wins, 5 of their 7 losses were against tournament teams, and the other two were @ Clemson and @ Dunk City. They didn't even make the committee's list of the first four out. They've proceeded to win three straight games on the road in the NIT to make it to New York. We say this every year, but there really needs to be a rethinking of how at large teams are selected for the tournament.

    Well, given that Gonzaga, Houston, and UCF were the only mid major at-larges to get a win and lower seeded P6 at larges like Minnesota, Iowa, Baylor, OSU, Florida, and Oklahoma all won, it isn't a great year to make that argument.
    What? I dont understand this post. The only true at large mid major invited was Belmont and they won the play in game. The other non power 6 at larges were UCF - VCU who played each other. Nevada who lost. Temple who lost to Belmont. And both Houston and Gonzaga are still in the tournament. Plus Buffalo and Wofford both got good seeds and beat power 6 teams in the first round.

    Most of the teams that you from power 6 leagues mentioned above beat other power 6 teams