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  • Miami Athletics Records Record-Setting Fundraising Year

    This is all great, but at the end of the fund raising-facility improving-scholarship establishing chain, aren't we supposed to have some winning programs?
    Again Miami won both the men and women all sports awards. Football went 6-2 in the conference. That is where a big chunk of the money went. Football isnt where we want it but it is light years ahead of where it was when this project was started
  • MAC and CBS Sports Network Announce 4 Year Extension

    This is for FB and BB. Through 2022-23 season. Up to 12 FB and 12 BB games a year. Coverage is nice but no idea what the money arrangements are. They do have a wide reach so more fans can see the MAC which in general is good. 

    I assume the money is zero because it is a sub license from ESPN. ESPN might get something to offset the $10M per year they pay us

  • The Law of Unintended Consequences and the end of the UC rivalry in football.

    I agree with Swoop.  Miami is no longer competitive with Cincinnati in Football.  It is no longer competitive with X and UD in basketball.  Those rivalries are gone. 

    I agree we are not competitive with Xavier and UC in basketball.  We haven't been competitive with Dayton in basketball.  Those rivalries are already gone.

    I do not agree with the football doom and gloom with UC.  UC is probably at a higher level - but in our massive losing streak they were in a BCS conference for many of those years.  Since they were relegated to the AAC (arguably an in between the P5 and G5) we have been very competitive- we just haven't won.  Everyone knows we should have won in 2017.  I think we probably should have won in 2015 (the 33-30 game).  Last year was a ridiculous rain storm and our QB couldn't grip the ball properly.  Remember we haven't won any non-conference games under Chuck Martin- not just UC.  I would hate to give up that rivalry and replace with more games with UMass and/or Liberty.  
  • Women's World Cup

    isnt AO’s concern the celebrations not the score?
  • Miami Earns Both Reese and Jacoby Awards

    I’d be a whole lot more excited about this if it had been less than 8 years since we’ve seen winning season in football/mens basketball.

    10 years for MBB without a winning record, and 1 winning season in the last 13 in football
    For this award football did very well since it is MAC only.