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  • Megan Duffy to Marquette

    After research seems like Big East womes basketball is a step down from the men (only two teams in the tournament) but Marquette is the best team
  • Rico receives reprimand from NCHC

    You mean he wasn't reprimanded for dragging down the Pairwise for the entire league?  I guess I should read the article.  
    While this is funny we actually did well for the league in that our non conference was ok. It is best for the NCHC if there are a couple of awful conference records for getting as many teams in the field as possible. Better to have two terrible teams than six teams slightly below .500
  • 2019 Football commits

    I was suprised to see the long time Miami fans question if he would be top 10. But they would know better than me on the older guys. I started school in 1987 and he is a close second for me behind Prentice
  • Injuries

    We lost our best offensive AND defensive weapons for the entire season. I’m not trying to make yet another excuse for this team, but if Buffalo had lost Johnson and Mack for the year, they wouldn’t be 8-1. The bengals losing AJ Green and (defense all sucks) for the year they wouldn’t have 5 wins. Outside of Gardner (pretty much our only consistent deeeep threat) and McMullen, our defense was absolutely depleted going into the game. I liked the fight, pissed we gave up 51 points, but just knew we wouldn’t be able to stop Jackson and Johnson. If we had our best players in the game, what could have happened?

    But overall, our receivers have been playing very well and we didn't lose to Buffalo due to our linebackers, it was the DBs

    I agree they've been playing well, but Robinson seems a little slow, and Mayock and Sorenson are great route runners, but don't have the breakaway speed
    Sorenson can run.  I don't think Gardner has great breakaway speed.  The challenges with the offense would be the same with or without Gardner:  Ragland's lack of arm strength and inability to run a 2-minute drill, not running the ball up the middle enough, lack of a deep speed threat at receiver, and not using the tight end enough.

    Rag's arm strength looked fine last night. That ball to Young was a gem. Young struggles over the shoulder catches, so allowed him to turn and catch it and run it it. It was a perfectttt spiral as well.
    On that play it did. On many other plays it didnt. Any pass that was too the sideline was too far for him and took too long
  • I remember...

    ...when Marshall left the MAC following the 2005 season. I thought to myself, "Boy, now that they're gone, we're going to win title after title!" I even thought that all of these titles might feel kind of "cheap" since our biggest roadblock was gone. We've won ONE conference title since they left. 2005 was also the last year we beat UC. What. The. Hell?
    Interesting. 2005 is also the first year after Hoeppner right. I also think it is possible that the administration felt the same way. I hated Marshall but they did csuse us to up our game