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  • BSU thread (1/18)

    This is a poorly coached, undiscplined team. Excruciatingly tough team to watch play. I went to SLU v. UD last night and honestly, it doesn't even look Miami is playing the same sport. 
  • My Miami basketball story

    I have been a diehard Miami fan since my freshman year, 1983. We, my now wife Dana and I attended every single home football, basketball and hockey game 1983-1987. We make it back to Oxford at least a few times a year from St Louis usually for games. We try to do at least 1 BB and one FB a year. Our 15 year old daughter has probably been on campus 40 times. We stay at Marcum. This year besides Oxford we went to the Iowa and Ball State away games. I hate to say it but I doubt we will come in for MBB this year. Team just isn’t fun. If we come in for basketball it will be for the women to watch a player I helped recruit to Miami. Miami MBB has grown stale and tough to watch. And it truly pains me to say it.
  • Next season

    If Miami can't beat sUCks , then END the series when the current contract expires 
    A big no to that. UC is our longest rivalry. It is still a rivalry. We are still competitive even if we haven't won in god knows how long. My only condition is we play games in Oxford, not just in Cincy. As to the team next year, I think we will be fine. Lots of freshman played on offense, and a few on defense. OL will be good. Biggest question mark to me beyond replacing PK and punter is interior DL. We need some of the young guys like Collier, Hilton, to step up. Ertl has lots of game experience so he definitely will be in the rotation. Still would like to see us add a DT, either late signee, transfer, or JUCO. I will be shocked if we aren't one of the top three to win the MAC again next year. 
  • Miami vs. Louisiana Game Thread

    I'm not going to take credit for this but the damn replay official who fucked us last night was Pete Vaas, who was a fired Miami coach!! OC/TE coach for Miami in 2009!! How in the hell did our AD office not know this and object to Vaas being the replay official. Fucking colossal mistake!!! This is like having your ex wife handle your job review. There better be some damn accountability for this!!!! Players and coaches deserve better! Only acceptable explanation is if it is a different Pete Vaas, but I doubt it. 

  • Miami vs. Wilberforce tomorrow (12/30)

    We move to 7-6 to finish out OOC schedule. Thing that was truly impressive is in a game that easily could have turned into an undisciplined track meet, we only had 10 turnovers, and 2 of those were by Ritchie. Not to pick on him. But that means the regular rotation so to speak only had 8 turnovers. That is how we will need to perform to win in MAC play.