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  • Fall Camp 2019

    I know I will take heat for saying this, but I really do tire of hearing CM talk about us like we don't even belong on the same field as OSU, Iowa, and UC. I could do without his defeatist attitude. You never heard Walker or Hoeppner make those types of comments. Maybe they thought it, but you never heard them say it. I am talking about CM's comments in his very first video about this season and talking about the OOC schedule. Yes, it is a tough schedule. We all know that. But get your team ready, tell your team you have confidence they can win these games (even if you don't) and take it to them on the field. And I am not a "hater" of CM. I hope he succeeds. I hope we beat OSU. I think this team he has assembled can go to a bowl game. 
  • Megan Duffy to Marquette

    There has been quite a bit of discussion on here about why Megan would leave for Marquette as the Big East isn't much better than the MAC. I am not at all happy about this move, but from her perspective I can understand it. And besides Dick, I may be the other biggest womens BB fan on this board. Here are some reasons why I can't argue with her decision:

    1. Salary-she was making 237K at Miami. She will reportedly make 500K at Marquette with a 6 year contract. 

    2. Big East is the 6th ranked conference per RealTime RPI. MAC is 8. 

    3. Marquette was RPI ranked 12th in the country, so top program this past year in Big East. Miami was 45th overall program.

    4. She had connections to the program at Marquette.

    5. Finally, unlike the mens game, for whatever reason, there just aren't as many openings each year at the top echelon of womens college hoops. But by going to Marquette perhaps Megan is thinking she sets herself up nicely, if she is successful there, for a jump to one of those top echelon teams. I don't think currently Marquette is a top echelon team, but maybe she can build it to be one. It's probably in the next level down.  Muffet McGraw at Notre Dame is 63. I am sure that is Megan's dream job. She talks to McGraw frequently. Marquette for a number of reasons is a nice stepping stone towards that dream. 
  • Amber Alert Issued For Mekhi Lairy (nm)

    According to Jack in post game presser, Mekhi had a back injury. Tried to play but then couldn't. 
  • Issues

    I wasn't sure how to title this thread. So I kept it very simple. I see more than one issue with this team. We are 2, maybe 3 games away from the end of the season and 2 full years into Owens. So more than enough of a sample size. Here are issues I see:

    1. It isn't just the last two games, but several times this year, we have come out flat, looking not ready to play, and put in an early big hole we then have to fight to get out of. I don't know the reason this happens. I just know that it is happening. And it shouldn't be. Not this often. And certainly not last night, at home, on senior night. 

    2. It is hard for me to say I see any measurable improvement in this team from last year to this year. Matter of fact, we may end up with the same or worse record. I would like to think in year 2 we would see some improvement. Even if only marginal.

    3. Tied to #2, is this. I don't see any measurable improvement in our core players, other than Bam. Nike is no better. Dalonte is no better. Jalen is no better. The old adage is you would see the biggest jump between freshman and sophomore years. Well if that adage is still true, we aren't seeing it. And that is troubling. 

    4. Other than Lairy, we got next to nothing from our freshman class. And Lairy has only been late in the year. I am not saying I expected much, but this class as of right now, hasn't contributed much to the program. White redshirted. Eli McNamara, contrary to what I was told one coach said, that he would be a major contributor, really hasn't contributed much of anything. Hopefully they improve next year and hopefully our incoming class of Curry, Etzler, and hopefully Grant, gives this program a much needed boost. 

    5. We need shooters. That is painfully obvious. We have no go to outside shooter. No one consistent. Kent has Walker, UB has a number of guys. We really don't have anyone. ICL may be the closest we have and unfortunately he was hurt this year. And we need more of a post presence. It is pretty obvious when Bam is off the floor we have nothing in the post. Ayah tries but he is only 6'6" and playing on bad knees. Hopefully Curry can help there and Etzler can help with the outside shooting, along with Grant. But both those areas still need to be addressed further. 

    6. Someone said in a text to me and others last night, "we just don't have that "it" factor. Might have been hoopsjunkie. And he is absolutely right. I don't know what the "it" factor is but we all know it when we see it. This team doesn't have it. Looking at the future, maybe Grant can be that "it " factor. Maybe the coaching staff needs to produce it. I don't know. But right now, we don't have it. Anyway those are my thoughts. Wish I could be less grim and less critical. 
  • 5-2 Since January 19

    Since January 19, this team has gone 5-2. The two losses both were by 3 points to UT and Kent. There is little doubt watching the team that things have changed on the court. Yes, there are still lapses into sloppy, selfish play and bad defense, but overwhelmingly, things are different. Maybe Owens changed his message, maybe the message was always there and the players hadn't quite bought in and now they have, maybe a little of both. But no doubt, things look different watching them, in a good way. The extra pass is being made, players aren't being as selfish on offense, moving the ball, setting screens I didn't see earlier in the year, guards crashing the boards, great movement on defense. I have been critical of one player in particular, and I feel justifiably so. But also justifiably so I am going to give him credit. His game has changed. He is attacking the rim and not just shooting threes early in the shot clock, he is attacking the boards, he is passing the ball (not so much getting more assists but getting his teammates involved, that is the key). Best example of that? Yesterday, he drove the lane, and in the past he would have taken an ill advised acrobatic attempt at a guarded layup. Yesterday, was different, he drew the defender and then beautifully dished off to Bam for an easy 2. I loved seeing that growth from him, as that person is also our most talented athlete. Nike. So my hat is off to Nike for continuing to grow. (His tantrum after the recent loss aside)  We are so much better when he does all these things. He is a special talent and that was what was so frustrating about his play before this 7 game stretch.  Adaway now looking to score more. Bam turning into a force. Ringo accepting and embracing coming off the bench. And I think that has helped his game as well. Just like Adaway. Ayah contributing-no one plays harder. Just the whole team. It has been refreshing to see. We are 6 points separated from a 7 game winning streak. That is pretty impressive. I hope it continues and again my hat is off to Jack, his staff and this whole team. Winning is fun. And if we can keep this up, the game on March 1 against UB can really have some added importance!!