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  • Fire coach o

    This is as much for the AD's office as the coaches and players. Last night for a men's game against Akron, we drew to Millett a grand total of 988 fans. I think we can all agree that except for maybe UCONN, men typically draw more than women. Tonight for the Miami women's game at Akron, there were 1045 fans!! So a women's game of Akron v. Miami drew more fans than a men's game of Akron v. Miami, at Millett. Do you think maybe we have a problem? Do you think the fans are trying to tell Miami something by their very conspicuous absence? 

  • Eli Manning Retires

    So the first of the QBs from Big Ben's class has called it a career. Eli Manning just announced his retirement. Rather than play somewhere else or sit the bench again, he calls it a day. I don't blame him. He had a nice career.Manning, who finished his career with a 60.3 % completion rate for 57,023 yards with 366 touchdowns and 244 interceptions leaves the game ranking seventh in both in all-time passing yards and touchdown passes. Best of luck to Eli in his next endeavor!! 

  • Fire coach o

    Can we be realistic for a minute. I know, shocking coming from me. Owens is going absolutely no where. His buyout before May 2020 is 525K. His buyout after May 2020 is 325K. Raise your hand if you think Miami or the AD's office is going to come up with either sum to buy him out, if we hypothetically assume a buyout is necessary. I see no hands raised. So absent Owens waiving his buyout, he will more likely than not be the coach next year as well. So the question is, what can he do to improve this team? 
  • Congrats to Super Bowl Bound Deland Mc Cullough

    Congrats to Miami great Deland McCullough who will be coaching in the Super Bowl. Chiefs RB coach. Congrats Deland!! And Deland Jr. must be stoked as well!!! Love and Honor!! 
  • What's with the bullying, outing and profanity?

    Can we please just go back to discussing how bad the state of our basketball program is!! That and the status of carbonation of sodas at Millett!!