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  • Ryne Smith to UIW

    Mens' Director of Basketball Operations, Ryne Smith has left Miami to become an assistant coach at University of Incarnate Word in Texas. Best of luck to Ryne. Miami now needs a new DOBO. 
  • Logan Speyer Transferring

    any players that have left saw a lot of playing time?
    No starters. Depth players. Always good to have depth, but if they didn't feel Miami was right for them, best for all concerned that they move on. 
  • WBB HC Search

    Miami let all three mentioned above, Myles, Sharps and Nolan out of their signed NLI. 
  • NCAA Tournament Viewership Up 28%

    Heard this early today. More people watching then ever before. More people hearing about schools like Liberty, UC-Irvine, Belmont, etc that normally don't make much of a blip on a national scene. And while the seeding has pretty much held up to the Sweet 16, there still are schools that even briefly, got attention they never would have received if not for their successful basketball programs. Ask Loyola what their run last year did for school visibility and applications.

     And for those of us old enough to remember 1999, Miami's Sweet 16 run, national coverage, Wally on the cover of Sports Illustrated, wouldn't it be great to have those feel good moments again? Wouldn't it be great to have people talk about Miami University basketball again in a positive way? I don't know about anyone else, but I want to relive the 1999 season every single year!! 
  • Blasi Fired per CHN

    Probsbly won’t be a popular opinion but perhaps now would be a good time to reset this position as far as salary. Blasi was one of the top 5 paid positions at Miami. I’m sorry but that is not an efficient use of resources of the AD.