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  • 2011, The MOST DIFFICULT Miami OOC Schedule EVER!

    Why do you attack another poster -- who, for the record, is at least as avid Miami basketball fan as you are -- as being "cool with 13 wins"?  Settle down.  

    "John Cooper is the man for the job"
    If the game is "remember something dumb someone said years ago and mock them for it," let's just say that I don't think you're well-suited for that.  
  • Browns sign Kareem Hunt

    And there is his father...who has been arrested 35 times...his uncle is serving a 10-year prison sentence for drug-trafficking and other drug-related offenses...a cousin, is serving a 12-year prison sentence for drug- and gun-related offenses and his older brother was sentenced to more than two years in prison after a 2014 conviction for criminal trespass...and his mother was arrested in 2014 on charges of cocaine possession and pleaded guilty to driving under the influence...and his stepfather was sentenced in 2004 to eight years in prison for drug trafficking and related offenses. Ok. I'll stop
    As well you should.  Hunt's actions are sufficiently on the record that you can form your opinion of him without imputing upon him the sins of his family.  
  • South Carolina St.

    That's a bummer, but life in the MEAC is tough.  Those coaches are expected to go out on the road for about two straight months and have a budget of buy-game revenue to meet.  

    My first year of grad school, SC State won the MEAC and played Duke in Greensboro in the first round of the tourney.  It was such a big deal that the president of the university started their spring break a day early so that people could go to the game.  They turned out huge at the old Greensboro Coliseum and sang through most of the game.  Coach K liked their team and their fans so much that Duke scheduled them for a trip to Cameron (and a nice payday) the following season.  
  • Line For Ohio U.-crAkron & UB-BUGS

    That’s probably the second most inexplicable result of the season trailing only ODU-Virginia Tech. I’m still not sure how Duke beat NU, much less Akron.
  • Future opponents

    Can I just ask that please, for the love of Crazy Old Testament God, can we stop scheduling Marshall?