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  • Nationals In Michigan...

    Why do y'all shit on this constantly?  Miami highlights aren't on Sportscenter in any sport except when we get road-graded by a P5 team.  Miami athletics, particularly outside of football, basketball, and hockey, exist to enrich student life and provide opportunities on campus.  Synchro skating is a somewhat unique sport, but it's fundamentally no different from swimming, cross country, field hockey, etc.  And more schools now have a collegiate synchro team than sponsor D1 women's hockey.  So just cut it out.  Y'all sound like a bunch of grumpy old men.  
  • We go for 4 in a row vs Toledo Tuesday in Millett

    Awful play out of the timeout
    I commented about that last game. I honestly don't recall us scoring out of timeout this year. 

    Maybe part of the recent homage to Charlie is only having one inbounds play.  

  • Offense Dysfunctional

    Wow, taking offense with the offense, at least it's not offensive. ;)

    Look at some of the things some of these dudes in this post posted about Gus, Billy Bahl, Abrams, and so on. So, now talking about Sibande is out of line? Gus must be held accountable, but Sibande not? Give me a break. This Re6H5wk dude for one was bashing Sibande a few days ago...

    Bruh, you're the first person to want to hold a player accountable because your tax dollars pay for the slightest fraction of his scholarship..you're a fucking joke

    Sorry 'Bruh' I will stop posting then. David Sayler is getting my messages anyway, and you would be surprised how much money some of the folks here donate to this program. Love and Honor
    Yes, I suppose I might be.  But I'd be even more surprised if you're catching a hell of a lot of flies in David Sayler's office with this approach.  
  • Lord Stanley’s Cup is coming to Miami

    This story was just released at noon today by the Miami Athletic Dpeartment. So I don't know who the hell closed the thread I started, and quite frankly, I didn't read prior threads, as this story was announced mere minutes before I posted, but I don't appreciate the censorship of this board. That is ridiculous. And rude. 

    I didn’t do this, but for the entire 21 years I’ve moderated here, we’ve reserved the right to steer traffic about a topic to the first thread on point. We don’t delete the duplicates and didn’t here. I’d suggest chilling out and apologizing to whomever tidied this up.
  • Basketball accepts postseason bid

    The “ advertising showcase for kids on your team who have announced they want to transfer” game.

    AKA the Vulture Coaches Convention.( they’ll be there salivating, shoe contracts and all.)

    Who gives a Shi*???? College hoops is a sham and you all know that.
    College hockey, OTOH, is a pure, unsullied sport populated by 22-year-old Canadian "freshmen" who have spent several post-secondary years playing in a shadow semi-pro league and living in some crap-ass little prairie town learning how to speak conversational moose.  

    Move along.