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  • Thank You

    You are very welcome.  My military career was a great experience.

    I would like to pay tribute to my Dad.  He was a fighter pilot who flew the RF-4C in Southeast Asia, and was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross three times.  Most importantly, he was a great Dad.  I’ll be visiting him and my Mom at Arlington National Cemetery this week.
  • Coronavirus Thread

    Spanish King Juan Carlos has been quarantined on his jet. The reign in Spain stays mainly on the plane.
  • BGSU Justin Turner enters transfer portal

    Wow.  This is exactly the great fear of mid major basketball, that you develop a great player and then he leaves you when he reaches the star level. 
    The transfer portal has created a monster, and the NCAA will have to do deal with it in my opinion.  In an excellent AP article today, Dave Skretta points out that over 500 names have been added to it since the basketball season ended, with more every day.  Wichita State lost 7 players.  Locally, George Washington lost 4 and added 4.  Iowa State lost 5.  The blue bloods are not immune:  Kentucky lost 2 and Duke 1.  George Mason, which I follow closely, lost 3.  Skretta cites many coaches as saying If the rules are not tightened, players will have no incentive to fight through hardships, and will be free to leave for any reason:  lack of playing time, location, level of competition, etc.  He adds that Low majors are the hardest hit, because one or two stars can make a program and their departure can be crippling.  Skretta's conclusion:  If this situation is not changed, coaches will be building teams, vice programs.
  • Word Association

  • UD Athletic Director Neil Sullivan: "National awards show what can be done at Dayton"

    I got to see Toppin play here at George Mason.  Mason played its best defense of the year and only lost by 7, but Toppin is the real deal.  He scored "only" 16, but He handles the ball like a guard (which he was four years ago when he was 6'2"); is super quick off the dribble, and shoots the three.  Most impressive to me was his passing ability, and that he never forced the action, but let it come to him in the flow of UD's offense.  He was also classy:  When a GMU player got decked, Obi ran over and helped him up.  He seems to have his head on straight.  Nice to see.  It's really a shame we didn't get to see what they could do in the Tournament.  I haven't seen the other nominees for POTY, but it's hard to visualize anyone better than Obi.