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  • Women's World Cup

    Politics aside, Rapinoe and Trump are more alike than they are different. Both are very brash, outspoken, and seemingly have no filter.

    One puts their hand on their heart for the national anthem, and one doesn't.

    Which doesn't make a god damn bit of difference.

    =>Symbolism over substance. Irrelevant in the end.

    That said, poor form to protest during the national anthem when playing for your national team. Much different than doing that crap during a club match.


    Nah. If you're going to protest peacefully, do it where your message will be most widely viewed.

    I admit to a bias: The caskets of my father and several friends were covered with the US flag at their burials. Nobody has a right to protest at work; Given that she has been allowed to do this at her workplace, I question not her right to do so, but her judgment: Rapinoe’s virtue signaling will make many people less interested in supporting the US team. Whether she is right or wrong, she has placed her own ego above the team. It’s not as if there aren’t plenty of sympathetic media outlets who would be happy to give her a megaphone outside the games.
  • College Team Names

    Texas High Schools:

    Hutto Hippos
    Ralls Rabbits
    Port Lavaca Fighting Sand Crabs
    Winters Blizzards
    Itasca Wampus Cats

    I went to Junior High in Austin.  One of my good friends who lived outside town went to Hutto, and we both had numerous laughs that he was a Hippo.

  • Coaching Carousel 2019

    Dane Fischer to Wiliam and Mary, and Aaron Kelly to Catholic U.  These two have been Dave Paulsen's assistants for years, first at Bucknell and then George Mason.  I have season tickets to GM, and these two have been very important in that program's revival/exceeding of expectations over the last four years.  Hats off to them.  Duane Simpkins, also an excellent coach, remains as a Paulsen assistant.  
  • 2019 MAC Basketball Transfers

    CMU loses 6-10 Soph C Innocent Nwoko 

    Great name. Would look great playing next to Precious.

    Or Duquesne guard Sincere Carry
  • Coaching Carousel 2019

    William & Mary fired their longtime coach who could never quite get over the hump only to have their top two candidates turn them down in favor of staying in assistant gigs at power schools. So now their lead candidate is a guy who’s an assistant at Charlotte who previously spent years as an assistant at W&M under the guy they just fired.

    Is Brad Bates the AD there?

    W&M A.D. Samantha Huge, in her second year in that position, made a “huge” mistake by firing Tony Shaver IMO. Although he had an overall losing record, he was the winningest coach in W&M history; was the Colonial Athletic Association coach of the year twice; and was a good recruiter. He had the CAA player of the year once, and defensive player of the year twice. He was highly respected by his opponents and their fans (including me). Nothing lasts forever, but I was sorry to see this happen.