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  • Iowa Game Thread

    We might get burned doing it, but if we don’t do some run blitzes, we are going to get ground into paste.
  • Miami Athletics Records Record-Setting Fundraising Year

    This is all great, but at the end of the fund raising-facility improving-scholarship establishing chain, aren't we supposed to have some winning programs?
  • 2019 MLB thread

    Yesterday Mrs. Blackbird and I drove up to Baltimore from Hawk Nest East in northern Virginia, and attended the Astros’ historic 23-2 beatdown of the Orioles. It featured franchise records in runs, hits (25), and doubles (7). Also 6 Home runs. They only left 2 runners on base, and were 11-18 with RISP. Capping it off was rookie phenom Yordan Alvarez’s 3 HR’s and 7 RBI’s. He set a ML record with 51 RBI’s in his first 45 games, breaking Ted Williams’ 1939 record. Finally, Carlos Correa hit the longest HR ever at Camden Yards—a 474 footer that landed among the statues on Eutaw Street. A most satisfactory game to watch! We are going to the game today and hope they can keep it going. With Verlander starting I like our chances.
  • Loudest crowd you've seen at a Miami game?

    Basketball:  1978 (?) vs. North Carolina in Millett.  Unbelievable all game long.
  • Women's World Cup

    I also served, and several of his former Green Beret colleagues have said his position on this issue is a disgrace.  Notwithstanding that, the bottom line is that he's entitled to his opinion, as we all are.  As I said, I question not Rapinoe's right to do this, but her judgment.  There are many avenues she could have pursued to make her point without taking actions that many people, including me, are offended by.  The flag symbolizes something far bigger than Rapinoe, Donald Trump, or anyone else.  

    This issue also highlights the infection of every part of life (academia, music, sports, TV, movies, etc.) by politics.  But that is a different discussion.