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  • 2019 MAC Basketball Transfers

    CMU loses 6-10 Soph C Innocent Nwoko 

    Great name. Would look great playing next to Precious.

    Or Duquesne guard Sincere Carry
  • Coaching Carousel 2019

    William & Mary fired their longtime coach who could never quite get over the hump only to have their top two candidates turn them down in favor of staying in assistant gigs at power schools. So now their lead candidate is a guy who’s an assistant at Charlotte who previously spent years as an assistant at W&M under the guy they just fired.

    Is Brad Bates the AD there?

    W&M A.D. Samantha Huge, in her second year in that position, made a “huge” mistake by firing Tony Shaver IMO. Although he had an overall losing record, he was the winningest coach in W&M history; was the Colonial Athletic Association coach of the year twice; and was a good recruiter. He had the CAA player of the year once, and defensive player of the year twice. He was highly respected by his opponents and their fans (including me). Nothing lasts forever, but I was sorry to see this happen.

  • 2019 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament

    Well I just tweeted our whole coaching staff so let’s see what happens

    Well I just tweeted our whole coaching staff so let’s see what happens


    Yay maybe our coaching staff can resume the duties of their employment at Miami University now.
    This reminds me of our football game at Notre Dame. Instead of going up there with a burning determination to win—and communicating that to the team—CM seemed to see himself as the leader of a pilgrimage to genuflect at the Golden Dome. Players pick up on that, we proceed to get drilled.

  • 2019 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament

    And Fletcher Magee’s 3-point shooting is the reason Wofford loses today.
    Herro was in his jersey all day, and he couldn’t hit even the few open looks he he had. That Wofford hung in so close was because of terrific team defense against a bigger, quicker, and more athletic opponent. They all deserve a ton of credit—never lost composure even when down 7-9 deep in the second half. Very impressive.
  • 2019 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament

    Just got back from the Wofford-Seton Hall game. Much heavy breathing! Fletcher Magee is unreal.