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  • Fall Camp 2019

    I was able to swing by practice this morning. Here are a couple impressions I came away with:

    Gabbert took pretty much all of the first team QB reps. Mayer and Williamson rotated in some, but primarily worked with the 2's.

    Overall I didn't come away with a warm and fuzzy feeling about the offense. The attrition and recruiting whiffs at WR seem apparent. Everything seems slow and not in rythm. None of the QBs threw the ball particularly well, although Mayer did have a couple decent plays. Perhaps they've just reached the point of camp where they need to face someone else in a different uniform. I dont know, but hopefully they keep improving between now and Iowa.

    On the flipside, I thought the defense looked great. They played with a lot of intensity and were flying all over the field. Our secondary has the chance to be the best in the MAC imo and Rugamba has a chance to be a pro.

    Kimpler was out of a sling. He didn't practice but that still seems encouraging. Knock on wood, but I didn't see a lot of guys out injured.

    We probably have the best Kicker/Punter combo in the MAC. They killed it.
  • Fall Camp 2019

    Sarcasm doesn’t translate well into the written word.
    It was worth a try
  • Quarterback Competition

    Report on Mayer after being on the team 2 seasons doesn't sound like he will ever be ready. Another Bahl? 
    He's only been on the team for one season. Who is saying he'll never be ready? Kid hasn't even played a snap of college football yet.
  • Fall Camp 2019

    I don't mind admitting that I'm still pulling for CM to get this right. I certainly don't love everything he says, but as he said at the end of his interview the other day, he speaks his mind and I can at least respect that. I think the "idiot" comments were blown way out of proportion, but it still wasn't a great look for Martin. I genuinely think the players still enjoy playing for him and he has had success in the MAC recently (as he loves to reiterate).

    The line in the sand seems pretty well drawn among Miami fans when it comes to CM. I can certainly understand why some want to move on from him, and I won't be crushed if that happens sooner rather than later. I guess the bottom line is I just want a Miami to win, no matter who is coaching.
  • The Law of Unintended Consequences and the end of the UC rivalry in football.

    If UC were still a P5 school and beating us by 3 touchdowns every year, I would be much more inclined to end the series. But they aren't and they aren't. For me that just makes it really hard to walk away after all these years.