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  • Quarterback Competition

    Report on Mayer after being on the team 2 seasons doesn't sound like he will ever be ready. Another Bahl? 
    He's only been on the team for one season. Who is saying he'll never be ready? Kid hasn't even played a snap of college football yet.
  • Fall Camp 2019

    CM previews the QB battle prior to the start of fall camp:


  • Brandon Peters (Michigan QB Transfer)

    Well Peters is eligible for 2 years, so that makes it a little less of a predicament in this case. Would Williamson leave? Probably. Mayer? Maybe. I think that's collateral damage that Martin would be ok with if he thinks he's getting a clear upgrade at the QB position for this year and next (assuming he survives this one). Probably won't be something he'll have to deal with though as I would expect Peters to end up in Illinois.

    Good point---P5 tops G5 almost any day.

    Yeah, although if you have to go up against a P5 school in a recruiting battle, Illinois is probably on the short list. I honestly believe this Miami team is talented enough to win the MAC East, just need the right QB. If Peters wants to go get his brains beat in at Illinois so he can stay in the P5, then godspeed to him. He could come to Miami and compete for a championship
  • Fall Camp 2018

    I liked Lewis as a TE coming out of high school. Glad to see him make the switch and I think he'll do really well there.

    I think we have enough talent at CB that whoever wins the battle to replace Harding will be solid. On the other hand, the safety position concerns me a little. Wasn't Montgomery playing more of a hybrid LB/Safety position last year? I'm curious to see if he's forced to play more coverage this year and how that goes. Also dont seem to have a ton of depth there.
  • QB Transfer from Michigan (#14 in HS)

    Great for depth this year and he'll get a chance to battle for the starting position in 2019. Solid addition
    You think he transferred without knowing he will get to battle for the starting spot this year?

    You think CM, in a contract year, is relying on a grad transfer whose never seen legitimate playing time since high school? I mean maybe in his head Alex thinks he's battling for a starting spot this season, but I don't buy it unless Gus gets hurt or has a miserable camp. I'm not saying I'm the world's biggest Gus fan, but he knows the playbook and the offense is built around his skill set. I think CM rides with him in such a crucial year.