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  • Miami hosts Kent game thread 1-14 7pm

    j-term brings Miami money.....screw athletics.
  • No Soup For You!

    My dad tells of the days when 9K-10K filled the stands and it was SRO, and it was a deafening, homecourt advantage. I'm not sure I believe him.

    Your Dad is 110% correct. Ask him about the Harper--Dan Palumbizio (sp. perhaps on the latter) matchups at Millett...or the Henry Finkel (of UD) hecklers at Withrow, both with overflow crowde. I'm old enough to have been at both venues and at those games; in fact, Miami fans despised Dayton, X and UC and let those opponents know it all the time.

    It was all in "good fun;" no profanity, no fighting in the stands and Miami received the same treatment when they played these teams at their places.

    The job of an "usher" is to show people to their seats, handle medical emergencies (in an appropriate manner), call in reinforcements if there is a fight and throw out drunks and profanity-mouth fans.

    My son (now 50) and I started going to Miami BB games when he was 5 and he and I were loud and conducted ourselves properly which included boisterous cheering for the home team.

  • Replay Officials Qualifications and Replay Guidelines- Peter Vaas

    How can someone be allowed to do that job who has previously been on the staff of either team playing the game?
    Anyone in that position has a bias...whether it's to help or hurt a former employer depending upon the totality of his/her experience. Why even think about raising an issue of bias? Just disallow as a matter of policy. It's the best way to insure impartiality.
  • Fire Chuck Martin

    I would strive to have us bury our opponents by the start of the 4th Q so that we don't have to play from behind.
  • Peter Vaas

    Unbelievable... I promised myself not to swear/curse/cuss today, but this is disheartening. A quick Google search and, yeah, it was indeed him: https://www.theadvertiser.com/story/sports/2020/01/06/mobile-bowl-ul-ragin-cajuns-miami-ohio-football-officiating-crew/2828725001/ 

    My only memory of Peter was a dinner in Oxford back in 2010 - 2011, and how he spent the whole night bragging about how he developed NFL-caliber QBs when he was at ND.

    Well, he did coach 2 professional QBs (Raudabaugh and Dysert) in his one year at Miami and he won a total of one game as OC. Loser.

    Peter vaas not on our side on Monday night.....clearly sought and got some revenge on Miami.....blame Brad Bates for underpaying assistant coaches and making them leave for "greener" pastures.

    The conflict of interest is worthy of an NCAA study and rule.