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  • Mediocrity-The New Status Quo?

    .....and a university President and Board of Trustees that appreciate the value of an intercollegiate athletic program run like a business with responsibilities assigned and accountability demanded. If you do not have that at a minimum, you're starting out way behind because winners operate that way.

    If I see the "run like a business" analogy one more time, I'm going to puke.  If Miami athletics were run like a business, it would have filed for Chapter 7 about twenty years ago.  If you don't believe me, go look at an itemized statement that the bursar's office is sending out to our students right about now. Enough of that fantasy.  
    My point is/was that Miami ICA is  NOT  run anything like a business and that's a point I have made in the past both here and elsewhere. Suffice it to say, when I've made the point elsewhere, I would get strange looks which told me all I needed to know about how serious some of these people are/were in trying to build a fan base, making money and getting off the dole of student fee subsidies.
  • Gabbert MAC FPOY

    Brees comps still viable. The kid has a high ceiling.
  • NCAA Coaching Carousel 2019

    Mike Bobo out at Colorado State

    I thought he was one of the first firings last week.
    Just happened today.
  • Mediocrity-The New Status Quo?

    Look at our FB schedule for the last 10-12 years compared to Ohio U. They schedule better (fewer body bad games as Dick refers to them) and. consequently, have an easier path to bowl eligibility....which leads to growing fan support.....which leads to more successful fundraising, a formula that has escaped Miami's DNA.

    I knew Bates when he was at Miami and he said "Miami could be the next Boise"....BUT, he had no plan and, of course, Miami failed miserably and he left the dumpster fire for DS to fix. The MAC East is the absolute weakest G5 division in all of the G5 conferences and that speaks to the missed opportunity to "become the next Boise" on which Miami whiffed big time.

    When you lose a decade in ICA, you may never catch up.
  • Too early for bowl projection thread?

    Latest bowl projection by Sports Illustrated has us in the Quick Lane Bowl vs Michigan State....

    Im all in on playing name brand, big conference opponents (like Miss St). So I’m very into this.
    Another opportunity to "pay back" Tread....whatever his name is.