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  • Miami vs. Louisiana Game Thread

    Peter vass not our friend in that game....blame Brad Bates. If the guy wasn't underpaid at Miami, he might not have left for "greener" pastures.
  • Very Interesting...

    Mitch Daniels has for a long time applied sound business strategies to his business life and other endeavors.

    His messages should be read carefully by many of today's more left-leaning academics and administrators who seek to dumb down today's college student while bypassing a college or university's first goal: the education of students to enable them to become productive and proud members of society upon graduation. 
  • MAC Opener: Miami @ CMU (Sat.)

    This coach and his complete staff have got to go. Absolutely no improvement from last season, and perhaps even worse. Coach Owens has brought nothing to the table. What possessed us to go after him?
    When you go shopping....whether it's for groceries, Christmas gifts or.....for a basketball coach and staff, it is generally wise to buy only what you can afford.
  • Fire Chuck Martin

    The staff should get an aggregate pay raise of at least $750,000....$25 to $40 K per assistant would absorb at least half with the balance going to Chuck. That seems fair....finding the money will be the harder part. Agents get involved and that's standard operating procedure.
  • Miami at Western Michigan

    If Miami were going to Western this week, Miami would be about a 6-point dog. Fortunately, Western goes to Toledo this weekend for some "softening up" while Miami can get some much-needed R & R....and more time to focus exclusively on Western....the extra time devoted to film study will help Miami.

    BTW, Miami is just 2-10 in Kalamazoo since 1979. Their last win there was in 1987. Miami is 0-6 since. Miami covered last time they played there. 

    Miami won 42-21 in 2004.
    You are correct and Phil Steele and I were wrong. Good catch.