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  • Stanley Cup Playoffs

    (stands on podium)

    That hit on Oshie wasn't that bad. Get over it. 

    (steps off podium while muttering to everyone nearby that somehow Tom Wilson defenders are mad about a borderline penalty)
  • Stanley Cup Playoffs

    On the 19th day of the month in '19, Yzerman returns to the Wings as GM.  Holland moves upstairs.  I think this would indicate that Yzerman was approving all deals all year long, including the Blashilll extension.

    Glad that the architect of the biggest choke in NHL history is headed to you guys.

    Glad you admit Tampa choked rather than the BJs won.

    We still won though, right?
  • 2019 MLB thread

    Last night, after the Reds sudden loss, I turned over to the Indians game and watched the Tribe bat in the top of the 8th.  This was an inning which shows why baseball is in trouble, especially with younger fans.  The Indians sent 8 guys to the plate:  4 walks, 1 HBP, and 3 strikeouts.  So not a single ball put in play.  There were also two wild pitches and a SB.  Two runs scored.  There were also two pitching changes and one long review to determine if a pitch hit the batter or not ( it did, but the only evidence was a slight movement of the jersey).  I am going to guess it was a 30 to 40 minute half inning, without a single ball being put in play.  Not a good look for the sport.

    Other than the multiple pitching changes (which baseball is doing something about), nothing that happened that inning was baseball's "fault" or indicates the sport is in trouble. What do you want MLB to do? Institute a rule that says two walks max per inning? This comes across as a little "get off my lawn."

    PS. The bottom of that 8th inning featured back-to-back HRs and a highlight reel catch by Greg Allen, both of which the younger crowd probably enjoyed, assuming they were still awake. Don't judge an entire game on one half inning.

    Ban shitty pitchers?

    That's it.
    Sorry, Chris Sale, your career is over.
  • Coaching Carousel 2019

    Steve Alford named head coach at Nevada

    How does this guy keep getting hired — very puzzling.

    Steve 16's are a real thing. Plenty of places would be happy with them.

    The problem is all the baggage you have to put up with to get Steve 16's.
    The terrible hair?
  • Coaching Carousel 2019

    UCLA now has to resort to hiring successful, but not world beating, coaches in their mid 60s. Yikes
    This is really embarrassing. I actually think that Lavar Ball is a better choice than Rick freaking Barnes.