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  • St. Johns

    I am a huge big east fan. St johns as a whole is not a bad job, but the administration is a joke and scaring potential candidates away,

    On campus arena needs a face lift as bad as millet as they are pretty poor.

    The AD wanted to hire Cluess from Iona but was overidden by the board that has gotten probably the last 4 hires wrong.  I would not be surprised to see Craig bounce town soon.

    The fact is that they program is not what it once was. They have been relying on transfers too heavily imo but with the right hire they can succeed. 

    Need to get a young guy in there to work the AAU circuits in NYC. They used to be able to use playing at MSG as leverage but the fact is they only play 8ish games there a year.
    I went to see a game at Carnesecca this year.  Its cool that you are close to the action given its size, but otherwise its a complete dump.  They weren't even scanning tickets when I went there cause it was broken.  I cant imagine their facilities otherwise are that great.

    People also forget, a HUGE advantage for Carnesecca, and then Mike Jarvis, was that St Johns didn't have dorms, it was a commuter school.  So the NCAA allowed them to provide basketball players with a stipend equal to housing costs in the area.  St Johns is in a pretty nice part of Queens so it was a substantial allotment and went a long ways in keeping local kids playing in the area.  SJU built dorms in 1999 which was great for the school but terrible for recruiting.  St Johns has ZERO NCAA wins since then.  Plus clearly the board and the institutional support is awful.
  • Megan Duffy to Marquette

    I'm not sure if it has been mentioned, but Marquette's AD was also the AD at Notre Dame...possibly when Megan was there.
    Assistant AD, but yea they overlapped. He actually went to Ball St in between ND and Marquette
  • Congrats Bo Boroski

    I don't get it. Is he actually a good official and we've just been wrong about him all these years? How does he keep getting high-profile games?
    It seems like its pretty hard to be fired as an official.  So you pay your dues, do a decent job for awhile at lower ranks, and then you basically get tenure and become a household name.  Then you started getting games as a "big name official" that works for major conferences.  By this point you like the chance for attention and the histrionics have become part of your routine.  The NCAA has no good and reliable vetting for officials, coaches aren't allowed to criticize you, and you get this mess. 
  • Coaching Carousel 2019

    What job does Oats take?
    None.  Given he hasn't actively floated his name out there, I think schools watch him next year to see what he does after losing 80% of his scoring from the senior class and make sure he's not another Keno Davis at Drake situation.
  • 2019 Pittsburgh Steelers Thread

    “I love how everyone that doesn’t know anything about Ben defends him to the end of the earth but people that actually do consistently give takes on the same lines as you.”

    - Josh Harris. Yes, THAT Josh Harris. 

    Of course, hard to believe he fumbled on purpose.

    Thats not BG Josh Harris, if thats what you're implying.  Its Josh Harris the former RB from Wake.