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  • Ohio State announces transfer running back eligible for Miami game

    Absolutely terrible tackling.  What a joke.  Les Miles no longer can coach up defense.  Embarrassing
  • Coaching Carousel 2019

    Darrin Horn to NKU
    Thats a good hire for them.  He did a really nice job at WKU, and South Carolina is kind of a widowmaker of a job.  Dave Odom is a fantastic coach and he didn't have great success there.  Frank Martin is a very good coach, and save a miracle FF run, he's had kind of a rough time there.  Horn should do pretty well with the foundation set, and hes from the area.

    Not sure what Pat Kelsey is waiting on.  Maybe he likes it in Rock Hill, but his name keeps popping up for jobs, which isnt by accident.  He's not as hot as he was 2 seasons ago, and one bid conferences are tough to stay attractive as a young name.  You move up to a P6 or A10 job like he was discussed for, and you fail, you probably get a top assistant gig and another shot in a few years.  If Winthrop misses the tourney next year, he's looking at a lateral move to another 1 bid conference until they potentially make another run
  • What if not Miami

    I was waitlisted at my first choice, University of Chicago. After that it was a choice between paying ~$30k per year after scholarships to go to one of the higher ranked private schools URochester or Case Western, taking a full ride to go to NDSU, or splitting the difference with Miami. NDSU would have been way better from a sports perspective, but I was still able graduate debt-free at Miami and I can't even imagine trying to compete on the job market these days only having a degree from a lower ranked state school. Rochester and CWRU are both D3 and as much as I like to rip on Miami athletics, I do really appreciate getting to turn on college sports and see my alma mater play. I'm happy with the decision I made.
    U of C, NDSU, Case Western, and Miami....what a wild consideration set.  
  • Coaching Carousel 2019

    What job does Oats take?

    None.  Given he hasn't actively floated his name out there, I think schools watch him next year to see what he does after losing 80% of his scoring from the senior class and make sure he's not another Keno Davis at Drake situation.
    Look at this idiot!

    But understandable choice from Oats.  Johnson underachieved, but provided there is no mass exodus, Oats would have back 4 of his top 5 scorers and most of the minutes back from the team this year.  Remains to be seen if he can recruit the South or handle the big pond.  
  • Eastbound & Down

    I play real sports, not trying to be the best at exercising