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  • CONCACAF Gold Cup

    Boyd looked good. Pulisic looked good. Tired of Bradley being so damn conservative. Just looks like the team doesn't care at all. Wish Weah wouldn't have played in U20 and was up for this, along with Sargent who didn't play as coach blocked him assuming he would be on this roster...
  • Breckenridge, CO Condo for Rentals Year Round!

    We purchased and flipped a condo in Breckenridge, CO that just went live for rentals today. DM me if interested, or book away through the link if you prefer that! https://www.vrbo.com/1609486
  • Women's World Cup

  • Women's World Cup

    The test will be their goal celebrations the next game.  If they celebrate the same way in the same situations, I guess they really believe all of that garbage is acceptable.

    But, I'm guessing they will show a lot more restraint, which will indicate to me that they realize they were out of line.

    Or they celebrate every goal knowing they just scored a goal in their sport’s top championship event and celebrate the fuck out of them!
  • Women's World Cup

    That was Pugh's first-ever World Cup goal. They rightly went crazy celebrating someone's first goal.
    Cmon Chuck.  Mallory Pugh was not awarded a spot on this roster out of pity.  She is a good soccer player who the USWNT will be counting on for years. The USWNT celebrated her goal like she was a high school basketball player with downs syndrome who was awarded minutes at the end of a game.

    Act like you've been there.
    But she hasn't been there...I think that's the point. Getting your first goal in a world cup is huge. Rapinoe, over the top, but hard to check emotions. Again, this team sat in a hotel for a week while other teams played, knowing that the team that knocked them out of the Olympics was in the group. And for all the Canadian's bitching about the score on TSN and such, Canada beat Cuba 12-0 less than a year ago, then Panama 7-0 in the semis, where GD doesn't matter.

    Blame FIFA for not having a GD cap for games.