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  • 2 Years Ago

    It's been exactly 2 years since the St. Pete Bowl.

    If I posted after that game that we would go 11-13 with 0 bowl or MAC championships over the next 2 season (which, at the time, were to be the last 2 on CM's contract), would anyone really think that would be acceptable OR that CM would still be our coach in 2019?

    Alex: I respect your views but, at Miami, unlike many other, but not all, schools, it all gets down to MONEY. Canning CM and his staff would have upped our cash needs by pretty close to a million bucks a year to replace them with "going rate G5 coaches"....dollars which we do not have....so we take the only way out---extend CM and pray for better results.

    So is CM going to be our coach forever as long as he agrees to take $522,300/season?
    That's right! You better quit complaining. Miami isn't good. DEAL WITH IT! Go to the games and HAVE FUN (losing). It's part of the Miami charm.

  • CB Tay Gowan

    Small tangent...


    Theoretical Group 5 playoff...Army a team (albeit minus starting QB) we should have beat....Fresno a team that played Minnesota no better than us...and another "Marshall" (Appalachian St) that passed us bye...

    With that said, how much better are these teams, maybe less UCF, than us...if we had competent playcalling?
    With 3:30 left in the Minnesota game, we were down by 23. With 3:30 left in their Minnesota game, Fresno was winning by 1. Explain to me how Fresno didn’t play them any better than us. Along with around 1000 other posts, this proves you have no clue what you’re talking about.

  • Beer is Good (chips are also)

    I was pleasantly surprised with the Shiner Holiday Cheer over the weekend.
    Don't be surprised! Shiner makes great beer! Cheer is a great holiday alternative to some of the spice bombs out there.

  • BG game thread

    TD Chips 26-14 CMU

    Haven’t seen #99. #FakeNews

    You are the fake news.

  • Adam Eaton is out for the year.

    This makes me sick. One of my favorites. Awesome guy.